• Mocana Raises $11 Million in New Funding to Revolutionize IoT Security and Enable IoT Devices to Defend Themselves Against Cyber Attacks

    oday, Mocana, an industrial IoT security vendor, announced an $11M funding round to combat the growing security threat affecting the Industrial IoT. With the industrial IoT market expected to grow to over $900B in the next seven years, many companies are exploring ways to take advantage of new devices and sources of data. However, they’re finding an increasing number of vulnerabilities, in the form of hacks and security breaches — like the WCry worm — that make IT teams question the feasibility of widespread deployment. Mocana’s vision for securing IoT networks is different from the traditional perimeter-based approach because the Mocana IoT Security Platform starts at the device level and integrates into embedded systems to ensure that each part of the network is protected.

  • Mocana Developer Kit Makes It Easy to Add Strong Security to IoT Devices

    Mocana Developer Kit Makes It Easy to Add Strong Security to IoT Devices

    Today, Mocana, a provider of industrial IoT security solutions, announced availability of a new developer kit to help computer engineers and programmers integrate effective security into IoT devices. With Gartner predicting that over 20 billion IoT Devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020, many developers are interested in building their own IoT products. However, the recent spate of attacks, including BrickerBot and others, shows that device security continues to be a major obstacle. This new devkit from Mocana, which includes Infineon OPTIGA TPM chips, and is powered by a Raspberry Pi computer, provides a simple and inexpensive way to harden IoT devices with industrial-grade security features.

  • Mocana Joins EdgeX Foundry to Ensure Framework Interoperability and Industrial-Grade IoT Security

    Mocana Corporation, a leading provider of mission-critical IoT security solutions for the digital industrial ecosystem, today announced it has joined Dell, AMD, Canonical and 40 other companies as founding members of EdgeX Foundry.

  • DDC-I and Mocana Announce Integrated IoT Security Platform for Military and Commercial Avionics

    This morning, security company Mocana announced a new partnership with DDC-I, a supplier of real-time operating systems mission-critical software for military, aerospace, and safety-critical industries. The partnership will combine DDC-I’s Deos certifiable safety-critical real-time operating system (RTOS) with Mocana’s IoT Security Platform to provide avionics developers with new security capabilities for connected devices and systems.


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