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August 10, 2017 — Mobiroller

How many people are put off from starting a business because they are concerned about the amount of time and effort it will take to get set up? The answer is most small business owners stop their dreams before even attempting to start; well the time of worry has come to an end with the help of Mobiroller.

Starting an app business with Mobiroller can help new entrepreneurs thrive because the Mobiroller app making platform has simplified the app creation process so much so that a free app can be created in as little as just 60 seconds.

Mobiroller is always making improvements to the Mobiroller app tool platform by introducing more free templates and features.

With Mobiroller, You can easily Create an app without coding

that reflects the right image for your brand. Publish your app. Push it live on Android or iPhone app stores on-the-fly.

The ease and simplicity of Mobiroller App Builder allow users to create an Android app of their desire with a few clicks, what is more exciting is that Mobiroller App Builder allows the user to view the finished app immediately.

This gives the app maker the opportunity to get the app into the app market immediately.

"I always wanted to start my own business but hesitant because I couldn’t afford to stop my day job and focus on building a new business,” says Maria Steele, “Mobiroller’s app builder has allowed me to start my own business without giving up my day. Today, I have over 25 apps on the market, and I'm happy to say, I now have given up my day job because my app business is flourishing leaps and bounds”.

“We understand that not all app makers have the ability to quit their day job before their app business is making sufficient funds”, explains Çağlar Uğur. “Mobiroller is a platform that has been created to enable app makers to start a new business without having to jeopardize their current careers because they can create an app in their spare time.”

About Mobiroller App Builder

Mobiroller App Maker is the leading DIY mobile app-creation solution for small businesses, with Mobiroller, You can make an app for iPhone, Android phones, and tablets.

Mobiroller App Builder allows businesses to develop mobile apps in a matter of minutes, no coding required!

Currently, there are over 160 K users and around 120 K apps in the app making platform.

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