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December 28, 2017 — matt


Mechanical locks have been a regular fixture in human society for quite a long time. Just like every other invention, locks have gone through a lot of changes and improvements; all in a bid to secure access to the choice properties of its owners. The locksmith industry has also evolved with the changing times as there is a wide array of top-class security gadgets available. It is important to leverage the innovations available in smart locks to facilitate safety at home and in the workplace. Based on the progressive nature of technology it is safe to say that some more innovations will be introduced to locking systems in the coming years.  

Top Technological Trends in the Locksmith Industry

1. Electronic Smart Locks Technology

Technically, electronic locks have been around for a while, but it remains a very important advancement when it comes to boosting the security of homes and offices or any other facility where it is used. It is an upgrade to the conventional lock system. The market for smart locks is competitive and as such, there is a variety of them available in the market. This technology has rendered the need for keys unnecessary as locks can now be synchronized with smartphone apps in order to provide more robust security for the property. It is recommended for individuals and business owners to reach out only to locksmiths with a proven experience of working with electronic locks. This applies both to installment and ongoing service needs. You want to make sure you get a locksmith with the latest modern technical locksmithing skills and if you buy a smart lock that guarantees to be so easy you can install it yourself, then it’s most likely not very safe. 

2. Card Access System

Is a locking system that warrants the use of a card across the locking system before entry can be granted into the property. The cards tend to have a similar shape to a credit card but contain the necessary metallic strip to trigger the magnet in the lock system and unlock the door. The major advantage with this door is that in a situation where it is used in an office setting, whenever an employee leaves, their card simply needs to be deactivated with no need to change the lock unlike what obtains with the regular key and padlock style locks. 

3. Fingerprint sensors

Locks that have fingerprint sensors are one of the innovations expected in smart locks. This would potentially be more reliable than the average card locking systems as the chances of duplicating a fingerprint is harder than it is to replicate a card.  

Locksmith Technology for Offices 

Apart from residential areas, office settings are also worthy of optimized security provided by smart locks. One place where the need for smart locks is so crucial is at jewelry stores. Apparently, the more the value of a thing the more important it is to secure it. Securing a jewelry store is a way of limiting the chances of a robbery. High-end jewelry stores may be targets for thieves and looters and as a result, such places should be well secured. A single heist at such a store can be so severe in terms of the loss incurred by the owner. In fact, it may be necessary to install multiple security systems to facilitate the safety of store operators as well as the items. Security gadgets like CCTV can also be installed to complement the smart locks available. 

Jewelry stores are prone to certain kinds of crimes such as smash and grab, burglary, and distraction theft. The knowledge of the kinds of crime prominent with jewelry stores will influence the type of security gadgets that would be suitable for it because the security tools to be used must be those that can directly tackle those specific crimes. High end smart locks should be installed as it can prevent the prospect of a burglary when the shop is closed. Video surveillance tools should be used for the easy identification of visitors to the store and these can also help in the investigation of any criminal activity conducted in the store. Video surveillance technology that would be used in a jewelry store should include; high-resolution cameras, facial recognition camera systems, crime databases, and analytical resources, and Internet protocol (IP) cameras. 

The demand for locksmith services will always remain as long as humans exist. Hence, the innovation of new technology in improving the safety of locks is a welcome development. As new innovations in locksmith design and development begin to grow, demand will likely decline for the old convention lock and the key system even as attention shifts towards the more modern smart lock system. As locks get more sophisticated, it is imperative that individuals secure the services of professional locksmiths in installing locks at their homes or office environments. At the same, it is also important for locksmiths to educate themselves on the latest innovations in locking systems so as to serve the clients better. 

Written By: Bright Elemeje



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