6 Side Effects Of Digitalization In Everyday Life

December 13, 2018 — matt

Since the internet became the most used tool to share opinions, get information, communicate with people, purchase items of all types, our lives have been changing so much. We may say that the entire society has also changed to the point that we can outline a "global society" with people from different cultures who have very similar habits and behaviors. The internet has broken a lot of national barriers bridging the gap among cultures that were traditionally very distant and not only geographically.

Internet Is In Our Life

Today, most people can access the web and online tools and technology seem to give a large contribution to make life easier, at least for certain tasks like buying or selling things, sending payments, enjoy free-time games, find friends, follow sports events, and place sports betting online.

sportsbookingFrom this point of view, the internet is for sure a brilliant invention. It allows you to do so many things that once were mostly unthinkable. With the internet in your hands, you can actually overcome all the barriers in the physical world and access remote businesses. Take a minute to visit our website: as you can see, there's a large variety of sports events that you can follow and pick for interesting betting. And guess what? It's an international website with visitors from all corners of the globe. It's just another prodigy of the internet!

But the role of the internet in our everyday life isn't only associated with online purchases/sales or free-time activities like sports bets or others. It's also connected to the idea of information. When it comes to digital information, you already know it's about a comprehensive approach to news including visual content like videos and pictures, audio files, and written texts.

A Bunch Of Negative Points About Digitalization

However, the fact that the internet comes very helpful doesn't mean it's a perfect tool. There are many negative effects due to massive digitalization. Keep in mind that technology along with the internet should be used carefully and only when it's really necessary. If you let it go, you may end up destroying your life.

Let's see some side effects coming from the massive use of the internet for everyday activity:

  1. Information is easy to manipulate
    We've told you that information on the web comes with a complete array of resources, from audio files to photos. But there's a side effect, too: online information is easy to manipulate, which means that you hardly can know when a piece of news is true and when it's completely fake. Also, oftentimes true news is labeled as "fake" just by opponents.

  2. Security for your dataprivacy online
    Everyone who uses the internet can store a large amount of digital data, from personal information to financial information. Every time you open an account on a social network and start sharing things, you are actually giving that website's administrators a lot of your data. The point is that it's very easy to store digital data even by beginner hackers.

  3. Where's gone your privacy?
    This problem is closely connected to the data storage and its risks. But there's also another aspect of privacy that we want to highlight: anyone with a Smartphone can take a picture of you and post it anywhere. All this without you to even suspect it.

  4. The "dark web"
    Ever heard of the "dark web"? It's the dark side of the internet where people just can do anything, like selling illegal weapons, drugs, extortion, the sale of children, and a lot of more criminal activities. The dark web is also home to terrorist groups that are created online to get larger visibility and get more members.

  5. Antisocial relationshipspeople surfing the web with a mobile
    The more time you spend online, the less time you can spend with the people around you. And when you have to deal with them in the real world, you may not be able to do it the right way simply because you aren't acquainted with real-world social relationships. Virtual social networks are just another way to "disconnect" people from the real world.

  6. Copyright issues
    Probably, you experienced how easily you can find a text and copy it from the internet. You only need a couple of clicks of your mouse. As a consequence, the concept of copyright about online content is really very weak. Students could copy and paste content for an essay pretending they did it themselves, with the bad result they don't learn anything.

We could continue with a lot of more side effects that are connected with the bad usage of the internet. That's why we warmly recommend everyone out there to carefully check where they are posting/sharing sensitive information online.



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