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Adeneo Embedded partners with Linaro for Linux/Android development

February 29, 2012 — Adeneo Embedded

, Germany, February 28th, 2012 - Adeneo Embedded, a software system integrator expert with Embedded and OS development on the ARM architecture announced today at the 2012 exhibition its collaboration with Linaro for Board Support Package (BSP) development on Linux and Android.

As an active partner of leading silicon vendors including Freescale and Texas Instruments (TI) for many years, Adeneo Embedded has developed extensive expertise on embedded operating systems such as Embedded Linux and Android, and comprehensive knowledge of the latest ARM Cortex-A-based processors, such as the TI OMAP4 and Freescale i.MX6. With this collaboration with Linaro, Adeneo Embedded will advance its commitment to developing reference BSPs and supporting OEMs with Embedded device developments through training, support and development services.

Linaro is a not-for-profit engineering organization founded by ARM, Freescale, IBM, Samsung, ST-Ericsson and TI to work on consolidating and optimizing open source software for the ARM architecture. Linaro’s work involves the GCC toolchain, the Linux kernel, ARM power management, graphics and multimedia interfaces, and development for member hardware platforms. The Linaro Partner program enables companies like Adeneo to take an active role in the organization and help develop the future of Linux on ARM.

“This strategic collaboration with Linaro is aligned with our long term strategy of collaboration with leading ARM silicon vendors to develop and support Android and Embedded Linux reference solutions. Our core activity is focused on supporting OEMs with their embedded device development through our operating system and other software expertise complemented perfectly by Linaro’s strategic positioning, providing robust and ready-to-use reference BSPs for ARM-based platforms”.

Yannick Chamming’s, CEO of Adeneo Embedded

“Linaro was founded to make it easier for developers to launch systems running Linux-based operating systems on ARM chips produced by Linaro member companies. Adeneo Embedded’s Linux and Android BSP development is a typical example of industry usage of Linaro’s work, we hope the combination of Adeneo Embedded expertise and our development work will accelerate the development of competitive, well-tested products for Adeneo Embedded customers.”

Stephen Doel, Linaro COO

About Adeneo Embedded

Adeneo Embedded provides system integration, design, support and training services to companies seeking world-class expertise in embedded solutions using high-performance architectures. For over 10 years, Adeneo Embedded has helped clients, in all stages of development; create profitable, feature-rich products that incorporate software and hardware solutions based on Android, Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded or Windows Mobile operating systems. Close working partnerships with industry-leading silicon and software vendors allow Adeneo Embedded to apply its experience to a wide range of embedded solutions for the automotive, industrial, medical, multi-media, navigation, networking, mobile and markets. Adeneo Embedded has a global sales and support network backed by engineering offices in North America and Europe

About Linaro

Linaro is a not-for-profit engineering organization working on consolidating and optimizing open source software for the ARM architecture, including the gcc toolchain, the Linux kernel, ARM power management, graphics and multimedia interfaces. Linaro's key value is in working on generic ARM technology that is common to all ARM SoC vendors. In this way engineering costs are shared, rather than each vendor having to implement core software technology themselves, which has resulted in fragmentation and overhead in maintaining code that cannot be upstreamed to the mainline Linux kernel and other open source projects. Linaro's output is used by its members, and by distributions including Android, and OEM/ODM customized versions of Linux. Linaro's goals are to deliver value to its members through enabling their engineering teams to focus on differentiation and product delivery, and to reduce time to market for OEM/ODMs delivering open source based products using ARM technology. For more information, please visit www.linaro.org


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