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HCC Embedded Contributes FAT File System to FreeRTOS Project

July 16, 2013 — HCC Embedded

Embedded file system and flash experts HCC Embedded today announced that they will contribute a fully functional, FAT compatible file system to the highly successful FreeRTOS project. Engineers will have access to ‘FAT SL’ free of charge when using FreeRTOS+. Developers will be able to download the source code based file system for evaluation and training on any MCU target. A license which permits free use in commercial projects on some MCUs will be announced shortly.

The file system is highly stable, having been professionally developed and in production for many years. It has been deployed in thousands of embedded applications. FreeRTOS+FAT SL (‘super-lean’) was originally developed for use in resource limited systems and consequently has a minimal footprint and highly efficient execution. This means it will be of particular interest to engineers developing systems that require minimal power consumption.

There will initially be a version of the file system for the FreeRTOS Windows Simulator available and it is supplied with a RAM drive storage interface. It can operate with as little as 4kB ROM and <1kB RAM making it one of the most efficient FAT implementations available. The file system can be downloaded from the FreeRTOS website immediately. Engineers can request professional FreeRTOS+FAT SL drivers for most storage media including most types of SD/MMC card, NAND and NOR flash.

David Brook, Director of Marketing at HCC said “we are delighted to be working with the industry’s most popular, high quality RTOS. Engineers will benefit greatly from this cooperation“

Richard Barry, founder of FreeRTOS said “HCC Embedded are the leading experts in embedded file system software and their contribution of this file system is an ideal extension to the growing FreeRTOS eco-system."


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