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  •  → July 2006
    Building embedded software with the Eclipse Process Framework

    Building embedded software with the Eclipse Process Framework

    Chris Sibbald (Telelogic)

    development environments
     → March 2007

    Eclipse plugs-in for real-time development

    Rhoda Quate (Aonix)
    Today, real-time software developers demand an efficient development environment that gives them access to the tools they need in a one-stop-shop framework. Due to its flexible nature and adaptable plug-in capability, Eclipse has become the development environment of choice for these developers.

    embedded hardware
     → July/August 2016
    Turbocharge HPEC system design with HPC development tools

    Turbocharge HPEC system design with HPC development tools

    Tammy Carter (Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions)
    As parallel programming grows in importance and popularity, the critical challenge has become how to intelligently manage, develop, and debug the increasingly complex code. Traditional tools such as trace analysis, serial debuggers, and the venerable "printf"statement just aren't up to the task. Alt... [read more]

    Signal processing
     → September 2017
    Zen and the art of HPEC software debugging

    Zen and the art of HPEC software debugging

    Tammy Carter (Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions)
    The age-old debate regarding art versus science: Some engineers take a romantic approach, while others take a more traditional approach. Whether debugging is an art or a science or a combination of both will continue to be debated, but all sides can agree the tools can make all the difference betwee... [read more]

    Signal processing
     → January/February 2017
    Asking the right questions about HPEC software development tools for radar, SIGINT, and EW applications

    Asking the right questions about HPEC software development tools for radar, SIGINT, and EW applications

    Tammy Carter (Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions )
    High performance embedded computing (HPEC) system designers tasked with architecting large-scale supercomputer-class processing systems for radar, signal intelligence (SIGINT), and electronic warfare (EW) applications depend greatly on the software development tools available to them. The choice of ... [read more]

     → October 2006

    Eclipse focus: Motorola joins Eclipse, proposes TmL project

    Christy Wyat (Motorola)
    Embedded Computing Design (ECD) recently discussed Eclipse developments at Motorola with Christy Wyatt, VP of ecosystem and market development for mobile devices. In this Q&A, we explore why Motorola has joined Eclipse, aspects of the mobile device code development process, and what is behind the Ec... [read more]

     → November 2006

    Easing embedded Linux software development for SBCs

    Nathan Gustavson (EMAC, Inc.)
    Most programmers today leaving college with Electrical Engineering or Computer Science degrees are fairly well versed in programming on a Linux desktop platform. When these programmers need to take the leap to programming embedded Linux systems, they are often surprised and bewildered that the progr... [read more]

    Code primitives
     → September 2012
    Mitigating security risks early in the development life cycle

    Mitigating security risks early in the development life cycle

    Jane Goh (Coverity)
    By limiting the number of primitives within code, developers can make the process of exploiting software much more difficult for hackers, thereby increasing the cost of exploitation and reducing its likelihood.

    Development tools
     → May 2007

    Eclipse tools hit new hot spots

    Don Dingee, Editorial Director (Editorial Director)
    Eclipse tools for embedded C++ and Java development are now commonplace. But as a sure sign of how Eclipse technology is going mainstream, new Eclipse tools for other languages and different types of applications are popping up, including two examples that show Eclipse taking on new areas.

    Software development
     → August 2006

    ALF and 10 questions every QA team should ask

    Tracy Ragan (Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing)
    To head off software problems before they start, developers and Quality Assurance (QA) teams need a way to anticipate, identify, and manage issues that might arise. When problems occur with a new release, QA teams get a lot of questions, many of which are tied more to the code development process th... [read more]

     → September 2009

    Simulation tool advancements speed design process and improve products

    Ted Pawela (MSC.Software)
    New simulation software tools solve the growing design problem of getting more work done faster and with less effort.

    Static analysis
     → November 2014

    Advanced static analysis for reusable libraries and subsystems

    S. Tucker Taft (AdaCore)
    Advanced static analysis tools are no longer novelties but rather are becoming true strategic elements in the standard professional developer’s toolkit.

    Model-Based Design (MBD)
     → 2014 Resource Guide
    Model-Based Design abstracts integrated software development: Q&A with Jim Tung, MathWorks Fellow

    Model-Based Design abstracts integrated software development: Q&A with Jim Tung, MathWorks Fellow

    Brandon Lewis (Assistant Managing Editor)
    Jim Tung describes how Model-Based Design (MBD) brings a higher level of abstraction to Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).

    Development tools
     → April 2007

    CDT 4.0: more features for embedded development

    Doug Schaefer (QNX Software Systems)
    2006 was a landmark year for the Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) environment, with growth in almost every area of the project. Currently, developers download the CDT more than 85,000 times a month (up from 60,000 earlier in 2006), and more than a dozen committers are working on the next CDT ... [read more]

    CPU bypass
     → June 2013

    CPU bypass: Critical signal processing operation

    Charlotte Adams (GE Intelligent Platforms)

     → January 2005

    Eclipse: The development system that crosses RTOS boundaries

    Robert Day ( Accelerated Technology)
    In the embedded software world, the choice of real-time operating system has typically dictated the choice of development tools. In the 80's and 90's, close relationships were established between RTOS vendors and tool providers (for example, Microtec Research and Software Components Group with XRAY ... [read more]

     → December 2010

    Off-the-shelf enables differentiation

    Chuck Kostalnick (Avnet Embedded)
    Avnet is aiming to take the burden off customers' hardware design and operations teams so they can differentiate their products in the marketplace.

     → December 2014

    A new way to look at debugging

    Monique DeVoe (Managing Editor)
    Debugging is an important part of any project, professional or for fun. Popular debugging tools are expensive and not very accessible - visual, inexpensive tools can help makers and professionals debug more quickly and intuitively.

     → July 2004

    Next-generation embedded Linux development tools for high reliability and mission-critical applications

    William von Hagen (TimeSys Corporation)
    A powerful, graphical development environment provides significant productivity benefits and is a requirement for many of today’s developers, including those working on embedded systems. Historically, embedded systems developers have either not used graphical tools or have been forced to use vendor-... [read more]

     → December 2007

    Paving the road to DO-178B compliance with COTS tools

    Mark Hawthornthwaite (Presagis, Inc.)
    When vendors undertake the task of DO-178B compliance, they face one of two choices: follow a hand-coded process to avoid the risk and expense of third-party resources, or turn to COTS tools instead. It's important, however, for designers to revisit DO-178B principles before making the decision.

    System resources
     → August 2007

    Using memory analysis to create leaner, faster, more reliable embedded systems

    Bill Graham (QNX Software Systems)
    Most developers find memory errors and leaks hard to detect and isolate. By the time a problem appears (often by crashing your program), the corruption has usually become widespread, making the source of the problem difficult, if almost impossible, to trace. To address these challenges, developers n... [read more]

     → April 2006

    The role of software tools in developing and deploying multiprocessor systems

    David Tetley (Radstone Technology)
    Multiprocessor software development tools, along with interprocessor communications middleware, provide hardware abstraction that removes the need for the developer to have a detailed understanding of the underlying hardware and operating system and allows them to concentrate on the application. Thi... [read more]

    Source Code Analysis
     → April 2011
    White Paper: Modernizing the Peer Code Review Process

    White Paper: Modernizing the Peer Code Review Process

    Gwyn Fisher, CTO (Klocwork, Inc.)
    Peer code reviews are an exceptionally valuable, but much-maligned part of the software development process. Read this paper to learn how implementing a tools-based approach can help you overcome the most common obstacles to effective peer code review.

    Network management
     → May 2001

    Solutions to monitor the lP network core on the near horizon

    Hiro Sato (Ando)
    IP carriers are investing in network architecture in an attempt to meet not only today’s insatiable appetite for bandwidth, but also to secure a bigger portion of future market share. Amidst this mad dash to the distant finish line, however, carriers are realizing one painful reality: they will in... [read more]

     → April 2005

    Eclipse Foundation extends open source to software development tools

    Curt Schwaderer (Technology Editor)

     → July 2007

    New threats demand new code analysis tools

    Gwyn Fisher (Klocwork)
    Embedded developers now have a whole new set of design and coding constraints to add to their already exhaustive checklist.

    Verification testing
     → April 2006

    Using static analysis tools for safety certification

    Robert DeWar, PhD (AdaCore)
    Building reliable software is difficult but achievable. Choosing an appropriate language is important but is only the first step. The careful selection of a coordinated set of tools is just as important or perhaps even more so. For safety-critical systems, using qualified verification tools that tel... [read more]

     → Fall 2007

    UML tools help expand ASI-safe portfolio

    Christiane Kapteina ( Artisan)
    Safety-critical systems call for powerful software design techniques using advanced tools.

    Operating systems
     → March 2008

    Operating Systems: What’s really going on?

    Jerry Gipper (Editorial Director)
    As applications continue to grow in complexity, the OS suppliers are racing each other to supply the best solutions.

     → March 2008

    Advancing tools for SoC designers

    Staff (OpenSystems Publishing)
    News from the SPIRIT Consortium, Open Core Protocol International Partnership (OCP-IP), and the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI).

     → January 2006

    Staying power: RFID tracks power tools

    Bob Eckles (Intermec Technologies)
    Expensive power tools at construction sites are tracked using small but powerful 915 MHz RFID technology.

     → June 2006

    Achieving the full-circle promise of Eclipse-based development tools

    Marc R. Erickson (Communications and Media Arts)
    Reaching the full-circle benefits of Eclipse development tools through exploration of its technology ecosystem

     → Winter 2006

    Embedding Windows XP: A deeper look

    Patric Dove (Advantech)
    XP Embedded’s choices of boot methods, wide range of communications options, and array of system configuration tools may interest embedded system developers.


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