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  • Avionics Safety Certification
     → March 2013
    FACE, ARINC, DO-178C avionics standards help U.S. DoD\'s vision of reusable technology to take off

    FACE, ARINC, DO-178C avionics standards help U.S. DoD's vision of reusable technology to take off

    Bernard Dion (Esterel Technologies, a subsidary of ANSYS, Inc.)
    While historically single-vendor procured, today's airborne systems utilized by the U.S. DoD need to instead comply with the DoD's vision of more cost-efficient, reusable, modular, standards-based applications ready for flight in both manned and unmanned airspace. Standards such as the Future Airbor... [read more]

     → October 2012
    White Paper: Integrating System and Software Engineering for Certifiable Avionics Applications

    White Paper: Integrating System and Software Engineering for Certifiable Avionics Applications

    Thierry Le Sergent (Esterel Technologies); Mathieu Viala (Esterel Technologies); Alain Le Guennec (Esterel Technologies); Frédéric Roméas (Esterel Technologies)
    Avionics systems are complex systems that integrate hardware, communication media, have many interactions with other subsystems within or outside of the aircraft, and, for the system discussed in this presentation, integrate software that must be developed according to DO-178B guidelines. System eng... [read more]

     → Summer 2011

    Making safe systems secure

    Greg Gicca (AdaCore); Ben Brosgol (AdaCore)
    How does one demonstrate that a system is “safe enough” for application domains such as avionics, where a software failure can lead to loss of human life? Additionally, the risk of system penetration from inadvertent or malevolent sources has raised the stakes and highlighted the need to pay serious... [read more]

     → March 2014

    Real-time operating systems in the cloud era: Revolution or evolution?

    Curt Schwaderer (Editorial Director)
    Decades-old RTOS technology is still going strong, and is responding to new trends and advances to meet today’s embedded system needs.

     → July/August 2012
    Certifying and securing UASs for civilian airspace is more about rules than technology

    Certifying and securing UASs for civilian airspace is more about rules than technology

    John McHale (Editorial Director)
    It was a matter of time before UASs took on a more domestic role, and that time has come. However, in this arena, safety and security certifications - not technology - will be the name of the game.

    Embedded avionics for military aircraft
     → March 2013
    Military avionics designs embrace common standards and TRLs

    Military avionics designs embrace common standards and TRLs

    John McHale (Editorial Director)
    The task of improving situational awareness for military pilots in a tough budget climate with little development funding available requires designers to use open architectures and common standards to keep costs down. This trend also has fueled the enthusiasm behind the FACE Consortium, which promis... [read more]

     → October 2012

    Virtualization: A real weapon for embedded software development

    Warren Webb (Editorial Director)
    Despite an altered design philosophy, virtualization has definite performance and security impacts for the embedded developer.

     → February/March 2014
    Demystifying multi-core architecture for avionics

    Demystifying multi-core architecture for avionics

    Patrick Huyck (Green Hills Software)
    Avionics system architects making design decisions today are often frustrated by an expensive problem - having to perform a substantial redesign because an existing system lacked the flexibility required to support an update. Such inflexible barriers in the design process may be overcome by using ne... [read more]


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