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  • RTOS
     → March 2014

    Real-time operating systems in the cloud era: Revolution or evolution?

    Curt Schwaderer (Editorial Director)
    Decades-old RTOS technology is still going strong, and is responding to new trends and advances to meet today’s embedded system needs.

     → March 2014

    Securely connecting IoT devices with Real-Time Operating Systems: Interview with John Blevins, LynuxWorks

    Monique DeVoe (Managing Editor)
    The Internet of Things (IoT) can be a dangerous place for connected devices if security measures aren’t taken, but Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOSs) have evolved to include new networking features to better protect IoT devices. Embedded Computing Design talked with John Blevins, Director of Produc... [read more]

    Operating systems
     → Spring 2013
    Operating system developments impact critical systems

    Operating system developments impact critical systems

    Jerry Gipper (Editorial Director)
    Software architects designing critical embedded systems have tough choices to make when selecting an operating system. Decisions can be both simplified and complicated with new framework and platform initiatives coming into being.

    Board Support Packages
     → Spring 2014
    Linux the popular BSP choice for PC/104 and SFF users

    Linux the popular BSP choice for PC/104 and SFF users

    As Windows XP nears End Of Life (EOL), many SFF users are turning to Linux as the Board Support Package (BSP) of choice.

    Military applications
     → Fall 2003

    LynuxWorks' LynxOS RTOS and Innovative Concepts IDM Technology battle-tested in Iraq

    Theresa Rickman (LynuxWorks)
    Historically, different branches of the military have not been able to communicate in real time based on the use of various, non-integrated communications systems. Airforce planes used one set of digital radio communication formats, army equipment used another set, and navy equipment used a third. I... [read more]

     → October 2012

    Virtualization: A real weapon for embedded software development

    Warren Webb (Editorial Director)
    Despite an altered design philosophy, virtualization has definite performance and security impacts for the embedded developer.

     → January/February 2011
    Enhancing application performance on multicore systems

    Enhancing application performance on multicore systems

    John Blevins (LynuxWorks)
    When an application is run on many cores but not optimized for multicore, key practices to ramp up lagging performance include reducing synchronization/concurrency overhead while harnessing parallelism and an SMP-enabled hypervisor.

     → June 2009

    Two different realms: RTOS support for safety-critical vs. security-critical systems

    Tim King (LynuxWorks)
    Safety- and security-critical system functions are evolving simultaneously. However, the two system types have different yet similar requirements. Thankfully, modern RTOSs are stepping up to meet their respective needs.

     → February 2007

    Feeling network insecure? You should be

    Chris A. Ciufo ( Group Editorial Director)
    Green Hills has an answer for mission-critical systems

     → September 2008

    Freescale Semiconductor's 8640D rekindles SBC power

    Duncan Young (BT)
    Power Architecture still dominates hard real-time, mission-critical applications, which are often custom developed to a specific platform type and must be robust and verifiable. The Freescale Semiconductor 8641D is the high-performance processor device of choice for these applications.

     → May 2009

    DO-254: The other safety-critical specification

    Chris A. Ciufo (Editor)
    Did you know there’s a companion to DO-178B? Here are some Hot Tips to make hardware certification easier.

     → September 2010

    Two decades of avionics testing

    Hermann Strass (European Analyst)
    STANAG 3910 (EFAbus) is a data-block-transfer bus (20 Mbps) added to and controlled through a MIL-STD-1553B low-speed line (1 Mbps). EFAbus Express (EFEx) is a newer version that integrates STANAG 3838 into STANAG 3910. Development of STANAG 3910 started in 1987 in Germany to meet the requirements f... [read more]

    DO-178B and DO-254
     → January/February 2009
    DO-178B and DO-254: A unified aerospace-field theory?

    DO-178B and DO-254: A unified aerospace-field theory?

    Vance Hilderman (HighRely Incorporated)
    While the unified field theory of relating heavenly bodies and subatomic particles has progressed somewhat, the unification of commercial and military avionics through the DO-178B and DO-254 safety standards is experiencing much more measurable success.

     → May 2008

    Built-in-Test plays a key role in system integrity

    Built-in-Test (BIT) is more important than you might think in today's critical embedded systems, especially systems assembled from off-the-shelf hardware and software components.

     → August 2008

    Next-gen C++ API for avionics apps enhances application development

    Troy Troshynski (AIM-USA)
    A next-gen C++ API is eliminating several avionics data bus engineering challenges. No longer must avionics application programmers become very familiar with the interface module's hardware implementation. Additionally, Object Oriented (OO) programming and design methods are supported, as are multip... [read more]

    Operating systems
     → August 2006

    Improving code migration and reuse

    Robert Day (LynuxWorks)
    Embedded companies need a software reuse and migration strategy to keep up with the pace and demands of the market.

     → April 2003

    Safety critical software

    Greg Rose (LynuxWorks)
    This article discusses the need for safety critical software and the guidelines.

     → August 1999

    Designing VMEbus COTS boards for ruggedization

    Robert Negre (Cetia)
    Since the military adopted the policy for purchasing Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products whenever possible, military program managers have been able to acquire COTS VMEbus products for use in benign environments. However, COTS VMEbus boards are not typically designed for use in the extreme envi... [read more]


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