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  • Transportation applications
     → Fall 1999

    With Windows CE, mobile operating systems shift into new applications

    Vinit Nijhawan (Kinetic Computer Corporation)
    Although onboard computers have been used in the transportation and logistics industry for over a decade, most have been single-function, proprietary devices which cannot be customized by users to address unique business processes. But now, multifunction, open-systems devices are available that oper... [read more]

    Windows NT/CE/XP
     → Summer 1999

    Developing Windows CE applications on embedded PC’s

    Michael M. Bauer (Annasoft Systems)
    The interest in, and the popularity of, Windows CE have grown steadily in the embedded marketplace. With this growth there is also and increasing interest in using Windows CE with the wide variety of embedded PC products in order to accelerate time-to-market and reduce development costs. While the... [read more]

    Windows NT/CE/XP
     → Winter 1998

    Windows CE moves towards dominance as embedded operating system

    Richard Eppel (Annasoft Systems)
    A sea of change is occurring in the way that embedded systems software is developed and deployed. No longer do embedded systems designers have to master proprietary real-time operating APIs and development tools. With Windows CE embedded systems, designers are gaining access to a familiar API and ... [read more]

    Windows NT/CE/XP
     → Fall 1998

    Simplifying and speeding the development of Windows CE

    Sean D. Liming (Annasoft Systems)
    Microsoft’s Windows CE is a fast-growing operating system in the embedded market, lending itself to a variety of different devices. Microsoft has focused both engineering and marketing efforts on developing applications with familiar tools such as Visual Basic, but the concept of allowing customers... [read more]


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