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  • Specifications
     → Winter 2003

    OSEK/VDX: Driving the standard for optimized embedded systems

    Michael O'Donnell (Metrowerks, Inc.)
    This article discusses the history of OSEK/VDX as well as the capabilities enabled by the operating system specification. It describes technologies that best adhere to the standard, and will instruct the reader in what to look for when selecting a vendor of OSEK/VDX technology, as well as suggest ... [read more]

    Operating systems
     → Spring 2013
    Operating system developments impact critical systems

    Operating system developments impact critical systems

    Jerry Gipper (Editorial Director)
    Software architects designing critical embedded systems have tough choices to make when selecting an operating system. Decisions can be both simplified and complicated with new framework and platform initiatives coming into being.

     → April 2010
    Android and RTOS together: The dynamic duo for today\'s medical devices

    Android and RTOS together: The dynamic duo for today's medical devices

    Matthew Locke (Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division)
    Patient monitoring devices can benefit from the user interface capabilities and real-time data collection provided by the combination of Android and an RTOS.

    In-vehicle infotainment systems
     → October 2011
    Car infotainment systems gear up for future challenges

    Car infotainment systems gear up for future challenges

    Staff (Embedded Computing Design)
    Andy Gryc of QNX Software Systems and Paul Sykes of Freescale Semiconductor discuss how their companies' technological parternership has them dealing with the In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system designs of tomorrow.

     → April 2010

    Safety or security? An embedded wake-up call from Toyota’s misfortunes

    Chris A. Ciufo (Editor)
    First, a Camry allegedly "surged" sans any driver input. Then consumer complaints emerged concerning the Corolla, Prius, and even some Lexus models. All this makes one thing clear: Toyota’s drive-by-wire vehicles - and all automobiles - should be regarded as safety-critical systems, just as any Boei... [read more]


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