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  • RTOS
     → March 2014

    Real-time operating systems in the cloud era: Revolution or evolution?

    Curt Schwaderer (Editorial Director)
    Decades-old RTOS technology is still going strong, and is responding to new trends and advances to meet today’s embedded system needs.

     → January 2005

    Eclipse: The development system that crosses RTOS boundaries

    Robert Day ( Accelerated Technology)
    In the embedded software world, the choice of real-time operating system has typically dictated the choice of development tools. In the 80's and 90's, close relationships were established between RTOS vendors and tool providers (for example, Microtec Research and Software Components Group with XRAY ... [read more]

    Real-time OS
     → May 2005

    Standards and interoperability to drive RTOS industry: Q & A with John Fanelli, VP of Product Planning, Wind River Systems

    John Fanelli (Wind River Systems, Inc.)
    Most experts agree: the VxWorks Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) is one of the most visible in embedded military systems today. And for good reason. Wind River Systems has had a focus on military applications since the company’s inception. Over the years, Wind River has continued to migrate its pro... [read more]

    Real-time OS
     → March 2009
    Trends are good for press, not necessarily for sockets

    Trends are good for press, not necessarily for sockets

    Jean J. Labrosse (Micrium)
    Designers must make sure that design needs are met before chasing after the next best thing.

     → October 2009

    'EAL 6+' says it all – or does it? Q&A with Marc Brown, Vice President, VxWorks Product Strategy and Marketing for Wind River Systems

    Military Embedded Systems magazine (OpenSystems Media)
    Editor's note: To be or not to be … EAL 6+ certified: That is the question. Apologies to William Shakespeare, but you get the point. With EAL 6 (or 6+) certification becoming the latest trend among embedded software vendors, the criteria for achieving such should be fairly straightforward … or is it... [read more]

     → May 2010
    White Paper: NanoVOIP: Mocana’s comprehensive developers’ suite for building enterprise–class security into VoIP devices and services

    White Paper: NanoVOIP: Mocana’s comprehensive developers’ suite for building enterprise–class security into VoIP devices and services

    Kurt Stammberger (Mocana)
    Mocana's NanoVOIP Developers' Suite is a comprehensive security solution for application developers and device designers trying to build secure VoIP products. NanoVOIP contains all of the protocols, algorithms, standards specifications and tools you need to turn an average VoIP implementation into a... [read more]

     → January/February 2009

    Daily Briefing: News Snippets

    Sharon Schnakenburg (Associate Editor)
    Associate Editor Sharon Schnakenburg summarizes the latest mil embedded tech trends and bends. Included: Green Hills earns EAL6+; DoD contracts protect troops in Iraq, Afghanistan; and Power.org releases its ePAPR standard.

     → September 1996

    Five criteria that will make CompactPCI a success

    Kim Rubin (Greenspring)
    The success of any new embedded bus technology can be (to a certain extent) predicted by a look at 5 criteria for success. Meeting all 5 of these criteria assures the highest probability of acceptance. The absence of even one creates a weak link that might doom the bus to failure.

     → January 2000

    Real-time operating system support for network applications: It's not just TCP/IP anymore

    Curtis A. Schwaderer (Technology Editor)

    System security
     → Fall 2002

    Connected devices sound alarm for embedded security

    Bill Weinberg (MontaVista)
    Since 9/11, embedded security concerns have further amplified, companioning a boom in enterprise security efforts and a rise in aerospace and defense design-starts.

     → December 1998

    Enable your embedded design with off-the-shelf hardware and software

    Dave Barker (Motorola Computer Group)
    What are the pressures facing embedded developers today? The acceleration of time-to-revenue pressure? Increasingly complex designs because of higher densities, not to mention increasing clock frequencies? lack of available development engineers? All of these factors and more make it difficult f... [read more]


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