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  • Real-time OS
     → March 2009
    Trends are good for press, not necessarily for sockets

    Trends are good for press, not necessarily for sockets

    Jean J. Labrosse (Micrium)
    Designers must make sure that design needs are met before chasing after the next best thing.

     → June 2009

    Two different realms: RTOS support for safety-critical vs. security-critical systems

    Tim King (LynuxWorks)
    Safety- and security-critical system functions are evolving simultaneously. However, the two system types have different yet similar requirements. Thankfully, modern RTOSs are stepping up to meet their respective needs.

     → November 2008

    Executive outlook: What's hot in 2009

    Staff (OpenSystems Media)
    Industry execs offer insight into where they think the embedded market is headed next year.


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