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  • Windows NT/CE/XP
     → Fall 2000

    Creating a WinCE NDIS device driver

    Michael Migdol (EPD Systems Software )
    This article discusses some of the issues a developer of WinCE NDIS device drivers can expect to encounter, beginning with an overview of the WinCE Device Manager, focusing on driver loading, WinCE interrupt handling, and WinCE memory management. It will conclude with a simple discussion of exactly ... [read more]

    Operating systems
     → December 2009
    Rise of the multi-OS

    Rise of the multi-OS

    Glenn Perry (Mentor Graphics)
    Multiple OS deployment is taking off in asymmetric multiprocessing systems.

     → March/April 2009
    Meeting the challenges of portable military devices with low-power design techniques

    Meeting the challenges of portable military devices with low-power design techniques

    Lee Brindel (InHand Electronics)
    Portable military technology can successfully meet SWaP requirements by focusing on feature and component choices, hardware management, and power-savvy displays and software.

     → September 2010

    SCTP beefs up to take on heavier signaling loads in LTE and 3G networks

    Deepak Wadhwa (Continuous Computing)
    Why Long Term Evolution (LTE) could make the network wince when it considers the added strain.

     → Nov/Dec 2009
    Adding trust to an embedded system with a secure anchor point

    Adding trust to an embedded system with a secure anchor point

    J. Ryan Kenny (CPU Tech)
    Keeping unwanted components and malware out of embedded systems requires monitoring of both the supply chain and systems in operation. The secure anchor point is a solution to the second half of this equation; it offers the capability to monitor systems in operation by becoming the “root of trust” i... [read more]

     → Spring 2000

    An interview with MontaVista founder Jim Ready

    Rick Lehrbaum (LinuxDevices)
    Jim Ready, founder and CEO of MontaVista Software, is renowned as a pioneer in the real-time and embedded operating systems market. He co-founded Ready Systems in 1980, the company that developed VRTX, the embedded computer industry’s first popular, commercial real-time kernel. In this interview, Li... [read more]


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