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  • Words on tap – are streaming books next?

    Some time ago, I wrote about my view on the future of music. In a nutshell, I was saying that live performance was what it was all about. Time has moved on and I have further thoughts on the topic. Also, over that time, e-books have become quite mainstream and I question where that technology […]

  • Multicore systems: heterogenous architectures – untangling the technology and terminology

    Multicore continues to be a hot topic, as an ever-increasing number of embedded systems are designed with multiple CPUs – most commonly multiple cores on a chip. One of the challenges with understanding multicore is that the term actually covers a number of architectures and approaches to design. This is a topic that I have […]

  • Words – new, old and odd

    Words matter to all of us, as it is arguably our ability to communicate that enabled the human race to progress as far as we have. I am very much a words person. Even though I do photography, spoken/written communication is very important in my life, particularly professionally. One of my treasured possessions is a […]

  • Another programming language survey – what are you using?

    As I have talked about before, I am particularly interested in programming languages, with a strong focus on embedded, of course. So, I always take a look when I see a survey that looks at what developers are using and what the trends are. When I saw that the IEEE were publishing some results, they […]

  • What to do with all those pictures

    I recall reading somewhere [please do not ask me where!] that, every day, more photographs are taken than were shot on the previous day. And this has been true since the dawn of photography as a popular activity, when Kodak’s slogan was “You Press the Button, We Do the rest” in 1888. With cameras getting […]

  • Uniqueness of C++ methods and class member variables

    I have made a number of recent postings focused on C++ issues, responding to a number of questions. I have a few more planned, but I was intending to give this topic a rest for a while. However, my eye was caught by one question, which I felt had some potential: I learned that Objective […]

  • The Big Mac question

    I recently had a spiritual experience. My daughter and I went to a Place of Worship one Sunday. We were welcomed by a young follower of The Faith – I would call him a disciple. He told us about his beliefs, listened to our doubts and answered our questions. We stood at the shrine while […]

  • C++ – yet more Questions and Answers

    I am continuing to mine the rich vein of questions from my online C++ lectures, which I started two weeks ago. I am always pleased to receive questions about any aspect of embedded software by comment, email or through social media. Another three questions to consider today … I just wondering how the compiler and […]

  • IQ – myth or meaningful?

    At some time or another, just about everyone has their IQ measured. Such a test might be an explicit IQ measurement, where you get a score afterwards – 100 is the mean result. This may be for fun or perhaps for consideration for membership of MENSA [as I dabbled with many years ago]. Often such […]

  • C++ – more Questions and Answers

    Following on from my recent online C++ lecture series, I found that I had a lot of interesting questions from the audience, which I had limited time to answer. It seemed logical to do so here. So this is the first of a number of posts where I will address one or more of these […]


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