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  • Vacation: something new or more of the same?

    My vacation mood continues after my posting last week where I discussed various locations that I like to visit. But now it has reached a new pitch, as I am about to go on vacation for a couple of weeks, starting this weekend. This made me start to ponder how we actually select the places […]

  • Comments and debug code

    I have frequently asserted that one of the most important attributes – maybe the most important attribute – of code is readability. This is because an enormous amount of time is spent on debugging and maintaining code – far more than that expended on writing it in the first place. So, keeping the future human […]

  • Six of the Best: vacation destinations

    My frame of mind is clearly revealed in this, the latest in my occasional series of “Six of the Best” posts, where I am going to talk about some of my favorite vacation destinations. At the time of writing, we have been having some decidedly summery weather, so my focus is on places that make […]

  • Embedded software article: safety critical systems

    My latest article at embedded.com has been published: Safety critical systems – the basics Designing any kind of system to be truly “safe” is a challenge. The first requirement is to define the term “safe” and consider the implications of it being unsafe. A system is a combination of hardware and software and these each […]

  • Let there be light! Installing LEDs in my house

    Maybe it is because I am a photographer, or perhaps it is my aging vision, but light – the quantity and quality – matters to me. I was, therefore, dismayed when, a few years back, the law was changed in Europe to make the sale of traditional incandescent lightbulbs illegal. We were condemned to the […]

  • Video blog: USB 3

    My latest video blog is now available. I am taking a further look at USB, specifically focusing on USB 3.0 and 3.1 You can see the video here or here: Future video blogs will continue to look at topics of interest to embedded software developers. Suggestions for topics are always welcome via comment, email or […]

  • My first Mac anniversary – celebration and an expensive error

    Time flies. And, the older you get, the faster it flies. So I am somewhat unsurprised to note that it is now just about a year since I took delivery of my first Mac – a MacBook Pro. I had deliberated for a quite a while beforehand: would Macs do the job for me? A […]

  • Simple real-time task scheduling – a question and an answer

    I recently received an email, from somebody with whom I was not acquainted, with the subject line “Probably a silly question”. This got my attention, as I think the only silly thing about a question is not asking it. It certainly was not a silly question. The emailer was asking about implementation of a real […]

  • What I do

    I was recently in conversation with an acquaintance and they raised the subject of a new TV show that they were excited about. They were astounded that I had never heard of it, let alone watched it. I explained that I hardly watch TV – a few hours a month perhaps. They asked me: “What […]

  • Writing safer, clearer C – MISRA C

    Embedded developers often bemoan the fact that no programming language is ideal for their particular needs. In a way, this situation is unsurprising, because, although a great many developers are working on embedded applications, they are still only quite a small subset of the world’s programming community. Nevertheless, some languages have been developed with embedded […]


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