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  • Embedded software article: using an email server

    My latest article over at embedded.com has just been published: Embedded email As with any technical endeavor, the selection/development of technology for communicating with an embedded system should be done with a view to standards compliance, to aid interoperability, and to avoiding “reinventing the wheel” – i.e. reuse a previous development instead of starting from […]

  • Friday the thirteenth

    I will start off by saying that I am definitely not a superstitious person. I believe that everything that we experience has a rational explanation and coincidences happen. However, the events of last Friday almost make me question my perspective. I am not talking about the terrible events in Paris. My heart goes out to […]

  • Endianness article leads to some questions

    When I write an article, I am generally talking about how to do something or how something works in embedded software. I try to look at all the angles and consider the starting point of all possible readers. I do my best, but it is inevitable that I will fail. That is OK. The result […]

  • 6 of the best: personal items

    From time to time, I write about 6 favorite things in a particular category. I find it interesting to ponder what is important to me. We almost all have too much stuff and a consideration of what we own that is useful, or that gives us pleasure, provides an opportunity to cut back. On this […]

  • Embedded Conference Scandinavia 2015

    Last week, I attended the Embedded Conference Scandinavia – ECS – which takes place every year in Kista, the high-tech city near Stockholm. The event was celebrating its 10th anniversary and I have have been a contributor to the conference program for a good many of those 10 years. Like most technical conferences, ECS rides […]

  • Magic and the art of business travel

    I do not believe in magic. I contend that everything has a rational explanation and, if science has not yet explained something, it will only be a matter of time. I am surprised by my realization that my view is not as universal as I thought. There are actually many people who do believe in […]

  • Video blog – The Embedded Way: language standards and extensions

    My latest video blog, where I discuss language standardization and use of language extensions, has just been published and may can be accessed here or here: Of course, using professional grade development tools, like Sourcery CodeBench from Mentor Embedded helps address these issues fully. I am very interested in feedback and suggestions for future topics. […]

  • Marketing fail

    We are all subjected to marketing – all day every day. According to a book that I just read [The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz – a very interesting read] the average American sees around 3000 advertisements per day! [I guess that I avoid such exposure by not reading magazines or watching TV and […]

  • Another embedded software article: Endianness

    Yet another in my series of article at embedded.com has been published: Endianness For most programmers, details of computer architecture are of no interest or importance. Even embedded developers, who normally do concern themselves with details, when programming in a high level language, ignore matters like cache configuration. Factors like memory location and size do […]

  • Return to the Repair Café

    A while ago, I wrote about an interesting organization with which I was becoming involved: the Repair Café. Now I have attended a number of sessions and fixed a few things, I thought that maybe it was time to report back … I have now attended 4 of the monthly repair sessions. On each occasion […]


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