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  • Shutting the Windows – moving to a Mac?

    I have been using PCs for about 30 years. Initially, they ran MS-DOS. Windows was an option for some years, but was not compelling. Then Windows 3.1 was released and, all of a sudden, so it seemed, that was the way forward. I never looked back. I have used Windows ever since – both through […]

  • DAC and Embedded TechCon – embedded and EDA coming together?

    It is hard to believe that it is almost 20 years since Mentor Graphics started to build a presence in the embedded software world by acquiring Microtec Research [and getting me as a result]. There has been much development and numerous other acquisitions [most notably Accelerated Technology] since then and the Embedded Systems Division [a.k.a. […]

  • The Repair Café

    For me, it is always a pleasure when a number of my interests become aligned – sometimes the resulting whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This happened with digital photography, for example. For years I had used film and I had worked with and enjoyed computers; now they have come together nicely. […]

  • IoT keynote, software support and more …

    The Internet of Things – IoT – continues to be a subject that sparks conversation, publication and numerous activities in the world of embedded software. Recently, I was at ESC Boston and IoT featured widely in presentations there. At the same time, some colleagues of mine were at another dedicated IoT conference in California. Going […]

  • Go bike!

    There is an old cliché, which says that the point of traveling is not to reach a destination, but to experience the journey. And I think there may be a lot of truth in that. This is the reason why driving a car is my least favorite way of getting around. When driving, almost all […]

  • Embedded software video blogging – are you interested?

    When somebody asks about what I do for a job or what I enjoy doing [which can amount to much the same thing], I am likely to answer that I am a communicator. I enjoy writing and do lots of it. I enjoy speaking to an audience at a conference or whatever and I do […]

  • Six of the best: my photographs

    As anyone who knows me will be aware, photography is my main hobby. Seeing, taking and sharing my pictures gives me a lot of pleasure. Some time ago, I started a project to blog a picture every day for a year. There was no intention that the picture was to be taken on the day […]

  • Testing RTOS API code

    A while ago, I concluded that it might be useful to highlight the publication of online articles, that I had written, here. So, I made a series of postings to catch up, listing articles that have appeared regularly on embedded.com over the past couple of years. That catch-up process is now complete and I can […]

  • A new Kindle: every cloud …

    All my life I have enjoyed reading and it remains a source of entertainment that engages me more than TV can ever do. As I have written about before, I am a strong advocate of e-reading, which. over the last 5 years or so, has motivated me to read even more. This past week, however, […]

  • Writing a letter

    A wise person once said “Getting old is hard, but the alternative is worse.” and I am not about to argue with that. There are days when I feel old, but most of the time I regard my age is just a number. I have a busy, fulfilling life and I’m mostly healthy. For this, […]


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