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  • Do I spit it out? A wine tasting 101

    Last week, I talked about rituals around wine drinking. I mentioned that pulling the cork was one aspect and discussed that in some detail. I said that wine tasting was the other matter that can intimidate the uninitiated. That is my topic this week. There are actually two quite distinct scenarios which might be called […]

  • Embedded software articles – from incrementing in C/C++ to using dynamic memory

    In a recent post I mentioned that I have written a lot of articles over the years. I sometimes wonder how many, but it is certainly in the hundreds. Although historically they were in print, nowadays, most of my work appears online. A particular favorite outlet is a popular venue for embedded developers: embedded.com I […]

  • Pulling the cork

    I like wine. There is at least one person in my life who might think I like it a bit too much, but I think that I will put that thought to one side. At the weekend, I can think of no better accompaniment to many meals than a splosh of something red in a […]

  • Default parameters, C++ determinism and other C++ questions

    As I mentioned on a previous occasion, I always welcome questions whenever I make a presentation, do a web seminar, write an article or blog post or whatever. Even very simple queries give me ideas for topics to discuss. I always take the view that, if one engineer poses a question, there are probably a […]

  • How about a “Penny Lick”? Ice-cream the Victorian way

    I like food. I am not a great enthusiast for restaurants, in general, but I do like to eat. I enjoy cooking and, at the time of writing, I am planning for a supper with friends on Friday evening – I think a French theme is in order. I watch very little TV and I […]

  • Multicore Linux, DO-178B and RTOS performance

    Although I enjoy writing articles and blogs and giving presentations – I am always hoping that I can impart some useful information and help engineers with their projects – the Q&A session after a presentation is often the moist interesting part. If I am doing a Web seminar, for example, I normally have a one […]

  • Two steps forward, one step back – learning from setbacks

    As I write this, I am a week away from a short vacation [so there will be a temporary radio silence around here next week] and, somehow, this puts me into a philosophical mood – pondering the meaning of life and all that. I wrote a while ago about learning to swim – a journey […]

  • Embedded software articles – from assembly language to software IP

    I have always liked writing. From an early age, I had an ambition to write a book. My first attempt, in my mid-teens, was a science fiction novel. It was not a success. I wrote about 100 pages and I may even still have the typescript. I remember being embarrassed last time I looked at […]

  • The 5:2 way of eating

    I do not do diets in the sense of weight loss programs. We all have a “diet” – the combination of foods that we eat – and I have always advocated as much variation as possible. Although I do eat things that are less good for me, I am conscious of what constitutes a healthy […]

  • Undefined behavior and other delights of (bad) C programming

    I started a couple of weeks ago, when I received an email from Sandeep Vasant from Ahmedabad University in India. For reasons that he has yet to reveal, he was having trouble with some code like this: int a=10, b=20, c=0; c = a++ + a++ + b++ + b++ + ++a + ++b; He […]


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