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  • Writing a letter

    A wise person once said “Getting old is hard, but the alternative is worse.” and I am not about to argue with that. There are days when I feel old, but most of the time I regard my age is just a number. I have a busy, fulfilling life and I’m mostly healthy. For this, […]

  • Medical embedded applications – big challenges and opportunities

    This past week, medical systems have been on my mind. It is not because I am sick – at the time of writing I am nursing a heavy cold, but that does not need medical intervention. It was my annual visit to my ophthalmologist that started me thinking about medical instrumentation. Most people have sight […]

  • Project Bloodhound – the 1000mph car

    It was not long ago that I wrote about driving slowly and I should say that, most of the time I am OK with that. However, I am excited about an ongoing project to set a new land speed record. The current record, which is just over the speed of sound [about 760mph], was set […]

  • Developing certified embedded applications

    In a number of different fields – notably medical, military, avionics, industrial and automotive – there is an increasing focus on safety and security, which results in a higher demand for certification of systems. Such certifications include FDA 510K [medical], DO-178C [avionics], IEC 61508 [industrial] and ISO 26262 [automotive]. Certification of software is a big […]

  • Six of The Best: Drinks

    This is another posting in my occasional series, where I look at my 6 favorite things in a particular category. A while ago I had a shot at discussing my 6 favorite foods, which is a topic that I will probably return to, as I really have a lot more than just 6 favorites! But […]

  • Bit stuffing – an article about network protocols

    I am a strong advocate for not “reinventing the wheel”. Doing something from scratch, unless you really have a novel approach that will yield some improvement over what has been done before, is rarely sensible outside of an educational context. But sometimes it can be useful to understand some of the underlying principles of something […]

  • USB 3.1 – my wishes granted: the Type C connector!

    Nowadays, all computer users just take USB for granted. Plug a device in and it just works. Those of us who remember the Bad Old Days – i.e. before USB – probably appreciate it rather more, as we can remember the challenges involved in adding the simplest of peripherals to a PC. Another angle on […]

  • The Emperor’s new restaurant

    Do you know the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? The Emperor is very vain and could not resist when a dishonest salesman offers him some unique clothing. It is unique because it is made from fabric that can only be seen by very wise people; to others, it is invisible. The Emperor cannot see it, […]

  • Real time operating systems: black box or open source?

    Most of the software that most of us use most of the time is obtained as a binary executable. The program may be run and does what it does, but the user has no knowledge of its inner workings and no opportunity to modify its functionality. And all of this is fine. For example, I […]

  • Let me talk for 18 minutes

    I enjoy talking – standing up in front of an audience and making a presentation. I am very lucky in having a job that affords me many opportunities to do just this. I am told that I am good at it. There is often a connection between what people enjoy and what they are good […]


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