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  • Yet another 5 embedded software programming tips

    This is another in my occasional series of postings, where I give a few little tips that may be of benefit to the embedded software developer. I endeavor to address all aspects of embedded software: general programming, C, C++, system design and operating systems. Questions about and contributions to this series are always welcome by […]

  • The House Book

    Although, strictly speaking, he did not originate it, there is a famous quote that is usually attributed to Benjamin Franklin: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” I do not worry about death on a minute by minute basis [any more than I worry about tax], but I […]

  • After Embedded World 2018

    Every year I depart from Embedded World with a feeling of awe – mainly inspired by the scale of the event. I observe that, this year, the show saw over 32,000 visitors from 78 countries. Although the show halls are large, this number explains why the place seemed to be packed all the time. The […]

  • Reflections of a non-traveler

    At the end of last week, I was struggling to return home from a short visit to Germany. As I was unable to get a direct flight, I needed to return through Amsterdam. Although airport departure lounges [Why are they called “lounges”? “Holding pens” would be a better term.], I became very well acquainted with […]

  • Embedded software article: RTOS Revealed #17

    My latest article on embedded.com has been published. This piece is the seventeenth installment of the RTOS Revealed series, which will continue to appear through the rest of 2018. The series will cover every aspect of real time operating systems. Event flag groups: introduction and basic services In this article, I start to take a […]

  • Can you understand me?

    This week I am in Nuremberg, Germany. It is a country that I enjoy visiting, as stuff seems to just work. On a small scale, you press a switch and a light tends to come on; on a larger scale, there is well integrated public transportation, that is even accessible to a dumb foreigner. This […]

  • Video about inlining C/C++ functions

    My latest video blog is now available. This time I am looking at inlining C/C++ functions and how this may benefit the code execution and what the downsides may be. You can see the video here or here: Future video blogs will continue to look at topics of interest to embedded software developers. Suggestions for […]

  • Six (more) of the best foods

    My recent experiment with adjusting my diet was interesting, even if it was not 100% conclusive. Watching for the appearance of dairy in various foodstuffs made me a little more aware of what I was eating. That was good. Feeling deprived of certain things made me desire them even more – I really am not […]

  • Embedded World, Nuremberg is next week!

    Next week, Tuesday-Thursday, is what I believe to be the biggest event dedicated to embedded system development on the planet: Embedded World. It is a massive show. The exhibition includes just about anything remotely connected with embedded design. It is so large that there is a shuttle bus to take you from one side of […]

  • Avoiding the cows

    I am carrying out an experiment. On myself. It started about 10 days ago and will run for 2 weeks. It is nothing too invasive or difficult: I have simply adjusted my diet to avoid dairy products. I decided to do this as I have a few medical symptoms that, after some investigation, do not […]


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