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  • Change is good

    There is an old saying: “A change is as good as a rest.” Although I am sure that it has often been used to avoid giving someone a well-earned rest, it does have some intrinsic truth, in my experience. On more than one occasion, I have been on a very active vacation, with lots of […]

  • Article: floating point in embedded systems

    In a similar way to blog posts here, I often endeavor to address a specific technical matter, that is pertinent to embedded software, in articles I publish elsewhere. Sometimes the topic is a matter where a developer does not need a detailed knowledge on a day-to-day basis, but an understanding of what is going on […]

  • Moving to Mac – an update

    Some weeks ago, I wrote about my planned transition to Mac. Well, that is now history. My iMac, with its beautiful 5K display, is my new Best Friend. I successfully transitioned all the software/activities from Windows to Mac in one of three ways: I simply installed the Mac equivalent of the Windows software. Examples are […]

  • Embedded systems – an identity crisis?

    Embedded systems, much as we know them now, have been around since the early 1970s, when Intel released the first really practical microprocessor. In those days, the term “embedded systems” had not been coined – that did not come along for another 20 years. I wrote a book, which was published in 1986. There was […]

  • The work/life balance (or lack thereof) and why am I so busy?

    They say that a vacation is beneficial because “a change is as good as a rest”. I think that there is something in that, as I can go away somewhere and do lots of stuff, but still feel rested and refreshed. Having said that, I believe that there are benefits to be had from doing […]

  • Articles about power management and RTOS memory utilization

    I have had two articles published on embedded.com recently that address power management in embedded software and how memory is utilized with a real time operating system … Power management in embedded software Power consumption by embedded devices is a critical issue. There is always a need to extend battery life and/or reduce the environmental […]

  • Six of the best: beers

    When I was a kid, I tasted some beer and found out that I did not like it. It was too bitter – I much preferred sweet things. In an ideal world perhaps, I would have left it like that – simply labelling beer in my brain as something I did not like. However, I […]

  • Video blog – using software IP

    I recently wrote about my plans for a series of video blogs on embedded software topics. The first one, in which I talk about the issues around using software IP [intellectual property] can be accessed here. I am very interested in feedback and suggestions for future topics. Do get in touch by email, comment or […]

  • What if? How history could have been different

    When I was a kid at school, I thought that history was a waste of time. What was the point of learning about stuff that has been done and cannot be changed? I could see the sense in understanding recent stuff, but all those kings and queens and battles … As I have grown older, […]

  • An update on bottle sizes

    I have always been fascinated by the measurement of things and our perception of those measurements. I constantly bump into conflicts and synergies between systems. For example, I have been known to refer to the size of something as being “between one centimetre and half an inch”. On the other hand, the inherent illogicality [to […]


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