Embedded Software

  • An update on bottle sizes

    I have always been fascinated by the measurement of things and our perception of those measurements. I constantly bump into conflicts and synergies between systems. For example, I have been known to refer to the size of something as being “between one centimetre and half an inch”. On the other hand, the inherent illogicality [to […]

  • Video blogs on embedded software – coming to screen near you soon

    Some weeks ago, I mentioned that I was planning a series of video blogs. This met with some enthusiasm from potential viewers, which has encouraged me to proceed with the project. the videos will not replace this written blog, but supplement it. The first video, where I discuss the plans for the coming weeks, is […]

  • Seeing the light – a revolution in illumination

    For most of us, most of the time, having enough light to see, read or do whatever is not a problem. If there is no available daylight, because of the time of day or our location, we just press a switch. Let there be light! But, of course, it was not always that easy. The […]

  • Embedded software – how complex can it get?

    It seems that hardly a day goes by during which someone does not say “This is like science fiction!” Typically, they are talking about cell phones, GPS, tablets, cars with keyless ignition – the list goes on. Only this morning, I was using Apple Pay [which has just been launched in the UK] to get […]

  • Two failed marriages and some investment advice

    I think that I should explain straight away – if only for the benefit of my wife, who may be reading this – that I am using the word “failed” in a slightly unconventional way. Actually, the same is true for “advice”, as you will see. When I was much younger, before I went to […]

  • Why develop embedded software bottom up?

    It is a very simplistic view, but, broadly speaking, there are two ways to design an embedded software application [or pretty much anything really]: either top-down or bottom-up. There are pros and cos of each approach and it is hard to say, in the general sense, that one is better than the other. So much […]

  • The Greek tragedy – what is it all about?

    There are two topics that I carefully avoid discussing in this blog: religion and politics. I would only have to touch on either of these and I would alienate a whole bunch of people. I have plenty of other ways to generate alienation, so it seems only reasonable to avoid the obvious. In “real life”, […]

  • Time for a new programming paradigm?

    I have a very strong resistance to the practice of doing something [anything!] just because “it is the way we have always done it”. I love to play Devil’s Advocate [or “Devil’s Avocado” as I heard someone quip the other day] and propose change just to shake things up. It may be that the tried […]

  • Working on the weekend

    Categorizing people is something that we all do. It can be judgemental, which is bad. However, a degree of analysis of an individual’s personality type may be useful. I, for example, am an introvert. That does not mean that I am totally uncomfortable with large crowds of people. It simply suggests that I gain my […]

  • Authors wanted. Can you write about embedded software?

    I am involved in an interesting project, with which I need some help. And that might be where you come in. I had an idea for a book and managed to persuade the inimitable Clive (“Max”) Maxfield to work with me on it. The plan is that he and I will write some sections and […]


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