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  • Mac screen capture

    I am continuing my evangelistic journey through the world of Mac and OS X and I have previously written about some of the particularly useful – dare I say cool – features of the operating system. I realized that there was one feature, that I have failed to mention before, which I use, if not […]

  • Initialization of variables in embedded applications

    There is a variety of reasons why C is so widely favored as a programming language for embedded software. It is a powerful, expressive and efficient language – these are certainly attractions. But another factor is also important: availability of expertise. C is used very widely outside of embedded, so many programmers know the language. […]

  • Taking note – a review of note taking apps

    In recent months, there has been much discussion, in appropriate circles, about cross-platform note-taking software. Several vendors have seen the opportunity to provide tools for this purpose, but I want to focus on the three that I feel are most dominant: Evernote OneNote [Microsoft] Notes [Apple] Although I have been using Evernote for quite a […]

  • CISC and RISC

    Some time ago, I wrote about my role as a STEM Ambassador. This has been an interesting experience, giving me the chance to meet various people and connect with others in surprising ways … I got a message from an ex-colleague – an electronics hardware design specialist, who had moved to the other side of […]

  • Just passing through and not spilling a drop …

    First off, a puzzle for you. I am sitting at a table on US soil. But the bar I just visited expects payment in Euros. Where am I? … The picture to the right might give a clue – though I appreciate that this beverage may be purchased in many countries. I am in the […]

  • Video blog: USB software and implementation in embedded systems

    My latest video blog is now available. This is one of a series looking at USB for embedded software developers. This video looks at the USB software stack and its implementation. You can see the video here or here:

    A future video blog will look at USB…

  • Six of the best: more great OS X features

    A while ago, as part of my occasional Six of the Best series of posts, I talked about 6 great features of OS X. In the meantime, my adventure – the experience of getting into using Macs – has progressed. Like many Mac users, I have become increasingly evangelistic, which is certainly a mixed blessing […]

  • Works of art

    A while ago, we were on vacation in the West of England. My wife’s family have a vacation house in that area and we use it from time to time. As a result, we know all the local attractions: walking on the moor, visiting the quaint little villages, going to the coast to towns or […]

  • An article on embedded hypervisors

    My latest article at embedded.com has been published: Embedded Hypervisors The idea of a hypervisor in a powerful computer is well known. It facilitates the simultaneous use of multiple operating systems and provides a virtualized environment in which unmodified legacy software may be deployed. Hypervisors have a place in modest embedded systems too. This article […]

  • An interesting OS X feature, with a hint of déjà vu

    Last year, I made the decision, for the purposes of my own computing needs, to consign Windows to history. This was not a decision that I took lightly – in fact I approached it with a lot of apprehension. But now, with the benefit of hindsight, it was a very good move. Using a computer […]


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