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  • Yet another new iPad

    It is now four and a half years since I first got an iPad. With my first one, it was love at first swipe and I used the device for two years solid – all day, every day. The iPad 2 did not seem to offer enough to make me upgrade, but, the iPad 3 […]

  • More embedded software articles – C++ and multicore

    I am continuing to catch up with highlighting articles that I have had published at embedded.com. This time they are focused on C++ and on multicore embedded applications … Overloading or obfuscation? Operator overloading is a powerful feature of the C++ language. Used with care, it can yield readable, maintainable and efficient code. However, it […]

  • Buying a car

    Although I know that it is a very un-manly thing to say – a bit like not being a sports fan – but I am not very interested in cars. I regard them as (expensive) tin boxes for going from A to B. Too many people (mainly, but not exclusively, men) are overly influenced by […]

  • Embedded Conference Scandinavia, IP-SOC: More Embedded Conferences

    The Fall is a big time for conferences and this week will see me clocking up some more air miles as I visit two events in Europe. The first conference is in Stockholm, Sweden – Embedded Conference Scandinavia [ECS]. I attended this lively event last year and on several previous occasions. This year, I have […]

  • I am a star of TV and video

    It is rather ironic. I am not very interested in video and TV. Although I do go to see the odd movie, I am much more interested in still photography. I have a very nice TV, which I enjoy when I do want to watch something. I just hope that my family can help me […]

  • The Internet (or not) of Things

    When I made the very first posting  to this blog, more than five years ago, I made the observation that the world of embedded software is very fashion conscious. I certainly do not mean that embedded software developers are renowned for their dress sense! I am talking about the way that a particular technology is […]

  • The non-ARPS

    Two weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to be assessed for a photographic qualification – an ARPS. That was Tuesday last week and I thought that it would be appropriate to report back on how I made out … I took a day’s leave from work so that I could attend the entire […]

  • Embedded software articles – from simulation to optimization

    As I have done before, I am continuing to catalog a wide selection of my articles that have appeared at embedded.com. Another 4 today … Simulation – better than the real thing? With a complex embedded system, work needs to start on the software long before the hardware is available. Indeed, it may be necessary […]

  • Who needs a taxi?

    I am a big advocate of public transportation. Although I have a car, of course, and recognize the convenience of personal vehicles, I see them as a luxury that we can decreasingly afford. I needed to drive to another city yesterday and a I found all the traffic snarl-ups so demoralizing, stressful and just a […]

  • Real time or not? What operating system makes sense?

    I have been thinking about embedded operating systems and how a developer chooses from the options available. My thoughts partly come from the presentation that I made at the ARM conference in Munich last week. But I am also interested in ARM’s announcements in this area at ARM TechCon the week before. It seems to […]


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