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  • The road to …

    I always try to do The Right Thing. I endeavor to be honest and to be considerate and to generally consider the needs and feelings of others. Although I do not subscribe to any recognized religion, I believe that my personal “code” aligns well with most mainstream faiths. I do my best, but I fail […]

  • 20 years in embedded software!

    Working at Mentor Graphics, as a specialist in embedded software, has always been interesting, but I am often surprised when I meet people at conferences etc. who have no awareness of the company’s involvement in this technology. This ignorance is surprising for two reasons. Firstly, almost all modern electronic systems are embedded systems; hardwired logic […]

  • To upgrade or not to upgrade?

    We live in a world of constant change, so it seems. We are no longer satisfied with owning something or receiving a service – we are all told that we need to have the latest and best versions. We need to upgrade. There is much evidence that many people succumb to these demands – look […]

  • Writing portable/reusable code

    What are you priorities when writing code? Obviously you need to implement some specific functionality and there may be a required level of performance. This is all testable or measurable. However, there are two other key goals, that are harder rate: Write code that is clear and easy to understand. I shy away from using […]

  • Using Evernote

    As it is a software tool [or a service, depending on how you look at it], that I use many times every day, it is surprisingly long since I last wrote about Evernote. Overall, the benefit that I gain from using Evernote is a very flexible operating environment. I can work on my desktop computer […]

  • Video blog about RTOS APIs

    My latest video blog is now available. I am talking about blocking and non-blocking APIs in real time operating systems. You can see the video here or here: Of course, the example that I use in the video is Nucleus RTOS from Mentor Embedded.. Future video blogs will continue to look at topics of interest […]

  • Getting the picture

    As I frequently mention here and elsewhere, one of my big interests away from work is photography. I have been taking pictures all my adult life – over 40 years. My enthusiasm waxes and wanes, of course, but overall I take [have taken] a lot of pictures. My Lightroom catalog contains about 21,000 pictures, which […]

  • Embedded software article: RTOS Revealed

    My latest article on embedded.com has been published. This piece is the start of a new series, called RTOS Revealed, which will appear from time to time for the rest of this year, into 2017 and beyond. The series will cover every aspect of real time operating systems. Here is some detail: I hope that […]

  • Anxiety marketing

    I guess that everyone has felt anxiety, to some extent, at some point in their lives. For some people, the feelings dominate their lives, which I find quite a distressing thought. However, can anxiety have a positive side? Why did we evolve these feelings if they do not have a use of some kind? … […]

  • Upcoming webinar on selecting an embedded operating system

    Next week, I will be hosting a Web seminar, looking in detail at the key factors involved in selecting an operating system. I frequently hear from engineers, who are endeavoring to make such a choice, and find themselves rather overwhelmed by the options. My hope is that I can help you to focus on the […]


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