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  • The Greek tragedy – what is it all about?

    There are two topics that I carefully avoid discussing in this blog: religion and politics. I would only have to touch on either of these and I would alienate a whole bunch of people. I have plenty of other ways to generate alienation, so it seems only reasonable to avoid the obvious. In “real life”, […]

  • Time for a new programming paradigm?

    I have a very strong resistance to the practice of doing something [anything!] just because “it is the way we have always done it”. I love to play Devil’s Advocate [or “Devil’s Avocado” as I heard someone quip the other day] and propose change just to shake things up. It may be that the tried […]

  • Working on the weekend

    Categorizing people is something that we all do. It can be judgemental, which is bad. However, a degree of analysis of an individual’s personality type may be useful. I, for example, am an introvert. That does not mean that I am totally uncomfortable with large crowds of people. It simply suggests that I gain my […]

  • Authors wanted. Can you write about embedded software?

    I am involved in an interesting project, with which I need some help. And that might be where you come in. I had an idea for a book and managed to persuade the inimitable Clive (“Max”) Maxfield to work with me on it. The plan is that he and I will write some sections and […]

  • Desert Island Discs

    In the UK, there is a very popular radio show called Desert Island Discs. This show has run continuously for more than 70 years – it was first broadcast in January 1942. I believe it might even hold the world record for the longest running radio program. The format of the show is quite simple. […]

  • ESC Silicon Valley: The RTOS Smackdown Revival

    For me, the Embedded Systems Conference has been an important date on my calendar for many years. The conference has be given various different names over the years, but I am glad that its identity has finally been restored. The event has moved around the year somewhat and similar events have been organized at other […]

  • How to run a hotel

    I am always interested in the way businesses are run, often being amazed at how haphazard and unplanned many seem to be. When I buy a product or use a service, I will often provide feedback – a well managed business thrives on customer input, good or bad. I am always impressed when I come […]

  • malloc() – just say no

    A topic that I find particularly interesting, which is raised by many embedded software developers whom I meet, is dynamic memory allocation – grabbing chunks of memory as and when you need them. This seemingly simple and routine operation opens up a huge number of problems. These are not confined to embedded development – many […]

  • What size drink would you like?

    I enjoy cooking and like to try new things from time to time, as well as preparing old favorites. Normally I look for a recipe and the obvious place that I start is the Internet. The result is that many recipes that I find are American, which can mean that ingredients are unavailable or have […]

  • Using an embedded Web server

    I have another article published over at embedded.com. This time I am looking at an interesting adaptation of technology, where investment in one context is yielding benefits in another. It can be a significant overhead adding a user interface to a deeply embedded system, but there is an interesting option which is worth investigating … […]


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