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  • More embedded articles: shared code, low level device acces, selecting an OS, and using non-volatile memory

    I have almost completed the job of cataloging my articles that have been published at embedded.com Here are another four, which address some key development topics: the sharing of code between multiple threads of execution; accessing low level device registers in C; selecting an operating system; making use of non-volatile memory … Share and share […]

  • Six of the best: Windows software

    Like most people nowadays, I use a computer for lots of purposes. Using a computer is all about using software. If a particular program does the job for you, to a large extent it does not matter what kind of computer you have, so long as it supports the chosen software. Along with the operating […]

  • Video blogging for embedded software: should you use it?

    I am not a great fan of video, as a medium. If I want to learn something, I am more likely to turn to the printed word. It is only when something is intrinsically visual that I turn to YouTube. Like the time I unexpectedly needed to gut some fish – there I was, working […]

  • Most popular Web sites

    I am sure that you, like me, make extensive use of the Web [otherwise you probably would not be reading this – doh!]. I access numerous websites on a given day, but there are, of course, a handful that I utilize all the time – maybe multiple times a day. As I have been using […]

  • Microcontrollers: On A Slippery Slope … Uphill?

    I always welcome contributions – guest blog posts – from my colleagues and associates. After all, that reduces the amount of work that I need to do – how could I refuse? But seriously, I think that a different “voice” from time to time is refreshing. My colleague Richard Vlamynck has appeared here before. He […]

  • Shall we take it slow?

    My Christmas present to my wife was a long weekend away in a luxury hotel. I had got what seemed to be a good package of the hotel and flights, and the travel company threw in a rental car too. I decided to keep the destination a secret, as my wife quite likes surprises. I […]

  • Embedded articles – medical systems, C function parameters, multitasking and Forth

    Although I regard the New Year as a time to look forward, I am continuing my catch-up process of cataloging embedded software articles that I have had published on embedded.com in the recent past. This time they cover medical systems, C function parameters, the basics of multitasking and the Forth language… Electronics for the Sick […]

  • A Christmas cracker

    For most of my adult life, I have been a regular visitor to the United States. Even though I have never lived there, I generally feel that I know a lot about the place – the people, the culture, the language … I often joke that I am bilingual: I speak English and American. But […]

  • Making a difference

    I am sure that most people, like me, enjoy doing Good Things – helping others in one way or another. I am not sure that such activity is true altruism, which would imply no reward, because the pleasure one can gain is immense and unique. However, I have often felt that I do not really […]

  • Embedded software security – are text strings a vulnerability?

    As embedded systems become even more ubiquitous and complex, there is an increasing concern about security. The term means different things to different people, but I am thinking of the requirement for systems to be less vulnerable to tampering. Security measures are aimed at preventing, deterring or delaying the work of a hacker, who is […]


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