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  • Eggheads head to head

    Some time ago, I wrote about my participation in the Eggheads TV quiz show [here and here]. We recorded the program about a year ago and the broadcast was in November. My team was very successful. We did not win the money. There was £6000 on the table and it was still there when we […]

  • At ECS Syd – talking about memory fragmentation, power management and self-test

    Each Fall, just before the weather becomes too horrible, I get to attend ECS [Embedded Conference Scandinavia] in Stockholm, Sweden. It has become a good event for embedded developers in that area and I am pleased that my paper submissions seem to result in a couple of acceptances each year. This year, I assume ECS […]

  • What is the first day of the week?

    On a previous occasion, I suggested that it was time for change. I feel strongly that our calendar – 7 day weeks, which do not fit properly into months of apparently random length or into the 365/366 day year – does not really work well in the 21st century and we could do better. This […]

  • National Engineers Week: How to tell if you’re an engineer

    In the United States, this is National Engineers Week. This annual event is aimed at raising awareness of science, technology, engineering and mathematics [STEM] and the great contribution that workers in this area contribute to society. As a strong supporter and enthusiast for STEM subjects, even though I am not located in the US, I […]

  • Six of The Best: Foods

    Continuing my theme of looking at six favorite things in various categories, this time it is a topic very close to my heart: food. I am lucky as I do not have a tendency to over-eat, but I do like a wide variety of food. In fact there are very few things that I just […]

  • Embedded World next week: hear me on RTOS performance and self-testing

    The largest event in the world of embedded systems takes place in Nuremberg, Germany on Tuesday-Thursday next week. Embedded World is an annual trade show with a highly-regarded technical conference. This is an annual pilgrimage for me, as I generally have papers in the conference. This year is no exception … Mentor Embedded has a […]

  • A Reddit AMA – come along and ask me anything about embedded software or whatever …

    In the UK, it is well known that an early sign of being old is making the observation “don’t the policemen look young”. As I am an advocate of the “60 is the new 40″ concept [even though I have a couple of years to go], I like to think of myself as being up […]

  • Let’s hear it for industrial automation!

    Although I doubt that many engineers habitually view things this way, marketing folks like to divide the world into sectors. So, embedded systems might be in telecoms, medical, automotive, consumer, mil-aero, or industrial. There are probably others that I have not thought of. Each sector has its own characteristics and may or may not sound […]

  • The Game of Life

    As I have written about before, I have always been interested in numbers and mathematics. Although my formal studies of the subject have not gone beyond the courses that I needed to attend for a science degree, my fascination with the beauty of mathematics and numbers has been life long. I have found, on a […]

  • Are you an embedded software engineer?

    My friend and colleague Richard Vlamynck has proposed another guest posting and I am more than happy to accommodate him. Apart from helping me and doing the rest of his day job, Richard puts in time, as I do, trying to assist people on various social networking sites. This can certainly be challenging, as, while […]


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