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  • Simple real-time task scheduling – a question and an answer

    I recently received an email, from somebody with whom I was not acquainted, with the subject line “Probably a silly question”. This got my attention, as I think the only silly thing about a question is not asking it. It certainly was not a silly question. The emailer was asking about implementation of a real […]

  • What I do

    I was recently in conversation with an acquaintance and they raised the subject of a new TV show that they were excited about. They were astounded that I had never heard of it, let alone watched it. I explained that I hardly watch TV – a few hours a month perhaps. They asked me: “What […]

  • Writing safer, clearer C – MISRA C

    Embedded developers often bemoan the fact that no programming language is ideal for their particular needs. In a way, this situation is unsurprising, because, although a great many developers are working on embedded applications, they are still only quite a small subset of the world’s programming community. Nevertheless, some languages have been developed with embedded […]

  • Movie: Eye in the Sky

    Although it is not a subject that I address here very often, my wife and I go to see quite a few movies. As we are members of our local theatre, where we go to see a lot of drama and music etc, we get a pair of tickets to each movie. So, the decision […]

  • Embedded software article: pointers and addresses

    My latest article at embedded.com has been published: Pointers and addresses – a programming minefield Pointers are a very powerful feature of the C language. In a programming language, power is dangerous, as programmer error can have dire consequences. As a result, many developers favor languages, like Java, which do not support pointers and are, […]

  • Six of the best: cheeses

    In this, the latest in my occasional “Six if the best” series of posts, I am going to look at something close to me heart: cheese. I have met people who do not like cheese; they seem to be a rare breed. I know lots of people who regard it as a commodity – just […]

  • Video blog: the mysteries of the increment operator in C

    My latest video blog is now available. I am looking at the increment [++] operator in C/C++ and considering its efficient use. You can see the video here or here:

    Future video blogs will look at other C/C++ language features from the embedded develope…

  • Mac screen capture

    I am continuing my evangelistic journey through the world of Mac and OS X and I have previously written about some of the particularly useful – dare I say cool – features of the operating system. I realized that there was one feature, that I have failed to mention before, which I use, if not […]

  • Initialization of variables in embedded applications

    There is a variety of reasons why C is so widely favored as a programming language for embedded software. It is a powerful, expressive and efficient language – these are certainly attractions. But another factor is also important: availability of expertise. C is used very widely outside of embedded, so many programmers know the language. […]

  • Taking note – a review of note taking apps

    In recent months, there has been much discussion, in appropriate circles, about cross-platform note-taking software. Several vendors have seen the opportunity to provide tools for this purpose, but I want to focus on the three that I feel are most dominant: Evernote OneNote [Microsoft] Notes [Apple] Although I have been using Evernote for quite a […]


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