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  • Video blog: volatile keyword in embedded software

    My latest video blog is now available. I am talking about the volatile keyword in C/C++, which is of vital importance to embedded developers. You can see the video here or here: Future video blogs will continue to look at topics of interest to embedded software developers. Suggestions for topics are always welcome via comment, […]

  • Using a Mac – the rights and wrongs

    It has been a year since my “conversion”. That word makes it sounds like a religious experience. In some ways, moving to a Mac felt just like that. Although I am quite happy using the machines, I still feel like a beginner with lots to learn. However, a number of friends, who know that I […]

  • Waiting for something to happen in an embedded system – a while loop

    An embedded system is normally a CPU [or some CPUs] interfaced to a number of peripheral devices. The software processes data and controls the peripherals. In summary, that is what embedded systems are all about. But, of course, there are many other details and that is what occupies embedded software developers most of the time. […]

  • My 3 best pictures of 2016

    If someone asks me about my hobbies, I have an instant list of activities with which I fill my free time. There are a few of them and the list might change from time to time, but one constant is photography. I have been doing photography, to some extent, all my adult life, but it […]

  • Embedded software article: CPU selection

    My latest article at embedded.com has been published: CPU selection in embedded systems The selection of a CPU in any embedded design has long been considered a ”hardware issue”. As it is part of the hardware, this seems logical. However, the implications of the choice on the software development are profound. This article puts the […]

  • Safety in numbers

    I am back from my vacation and just about over the shock of having days that are not simply filled with sunning, swimming, eating, drinking, reading, and other leisure activities in no particular order. While I was away, things seemed to be happening in the UK. I am not deeply interested in politics, and do […]

  • Video blog: a real time operating system story

    My latest video blog is now available. I am telling a story about the RTOS business – specifically about how a team of developers selected the right RTOS for their needs. You can see the video here or here: Future video blogs will continue to look at topics of interest to embedded software developers. Suggestions […]

  • Vacation: something new or more of the same?

    My vacation mood continues after my posting last week where I discussed various locations that I like to visit. But now it has reached a new pitch, as I am about to go on vacation for a couple of weeks, starting this weekend. This made me start to ponder how we actually select the places […]

  • Comments and debug code

    I have frequently asserted that one of the most important attributes – maybe the most important attribute – of code is readability. This is because an enormous amount of time is spent on debugging and maintaining code – far more than that expended on writing it in the first place. So, keeping the future human […]

  • Six of the Best: vacation destinations

    My frame of mind is clearly revealed in this, the latest in my occasional series of “Six of the Best” posts, where I am going to talk about some of my favorite vacation destinations. At the time of writing, we have been having some decidedly summery weather, so my focus is on places that make […]


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