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  • Embedded software articles – from simulation to optimization

    As I have done before, I am continuing to catalog a wide selection of my articles that have appeared at embedded.com. Another 4 today … Simulation – better than the real thing? With a complex embedded system, work needs to start on the software long before the hardware is available. Indeed, it may be necessary […]

  • Who needs a taxi?

    I am a big advocate of public transportation. Although I have a car, of course, and recognize the convenience of personal vehicles, I see them as a luxury that we can decreasingly afford. I needed to drive to another city yesterday and a I found all the traffic snarl-ups so demoralizing, stressful and just a […]

  • Real time or not? What operating system makes sense?

    I have been thinking about embedded operating systems and how a developer chooses from the options available. My thoughts partly come from the presentation that I made at the ARM conference in Munich last week. But I am also interested in ARM’s announcements in this area at ARM TechCon the week before. It seems to […]

  • Photography and getting my ARPS (or not)

    As I have mentioned from time to time, when I am not thinking about embedded software or family matters, my main hobby is photography, which has given me much pleasure over the years. I am currently involved in a couple of specific photographic projects … Photography is, obviously, all about taking pictures – we all […]

  • Another ARM conference

    Hot on the heals of ARM TechCon in California last week, I am off to another ARM-centric event on Thursday this week: the ARM Developers Conference in Munich, Germany. This timing was no coincidence. It was originally scheduled for early summer, but it was moved to take advantage of ARM’s announcements at TechCon. I will […]

  • “Six of the Best” – Famous dead people

    One, rather obvious phenomenon associated with getting older is that you know more dead people. It is also a phenomenon of the modern world. Although we do not have any more relatives and not that many more friends and acquaintances than our forebears, the media ensure that we are familiar with many, many more celebrities. […]

  • ARM TechCon – See you there?

    This week is the first, for me, of the major conferences in the embedded software space this Fall – the ARM TechCon. As usual, it takes place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. And, as usual, I will be attending. The exhibition runs over two days: Wednesday and Thursday. I will be at […]

  • “Six of the Best” – Cities

    Today, I am continuing my “Six of The Best” series and looking at my six favorite cities. I am not really a “city person” – more of a “small town boy”. I much prefer to live in a more compact place, where I know people around around me, but have good transportation connections to the […]

  • Multiple constructors, the :: operator and memory speed – more questions answered

    Once again, I am mining a backlog of interesting questions that came up during an online C++ class. Of course, as is inevitable, not all the questions are about [or at least specific to] C++… What is the idea behind the provision of multiple constructors for a class? A constructor is a function that is […]

  • “Six of the Best” – iPad apps

    This is the first in an occasional series of postings with the title “Six of the Best”. This phrase is probably meaningless to many people outside of the UK and Australia and it is quite old fashioned here. It referred to the practice of punishing children with six lashes of a cane – a practice […]


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