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  • ARM TechCon – See you there?

    This week is the first, for me, of the major conferences in the embedded software space this Fall – the ARM TechCon. As usual, it takes place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. And, as usual, I will be attending. The exhibition runs over two days: Wednesday and Thursday. I will be at […]

  • “Six of the Best” – Cities

    Today, I am continuing my “Six of The Best” series and looking at my six favorite cities. I am not really a “city person” – more of a “small town boy”. I much prefer to live in a more compact place, where I know people around around me, but have good transportation connections to the […]

  • Multiple constructors, the :: operator and memory speed – more questions answered

    Once again, I am mining a backlog of interesting questions that came up during an online C++ class. Of course, as is inevitable, not all the questions are about [or at least specific to] C++… What is the idea behind the provision of multiple constructors for a class? A constructor is a function that is […]

  • “Six of the Best” – iPad apps

    This is the first in an occasional series of postings with the title “Six of the Best”. This phrase is probably meaningless to many people outside of the UK and Australia and it is quite old fashioned here. It referred to the practice of punishing children with six lashes of a cane – a practice […]

  • A hypervisor on a multicore system

    I have written before about multicore systems – here for example – and looked at AMP vs SMP and various other aspects of the technology. As the use of multicore designs has become increasingly mainstream, the options and possible configurations available has increased drastically. A particular facet is the incorporation of a hypervisor in an […]

  • Do I spit it out? A wine tasting 101

    Last week, I talked about rituals around wine drinking. I mentioned that pulling the cork was one aspect and discussed that in some detail. I said that wine tasting was the other matter that can intimidate the uninitiated. That is my topic this week. There are actually two quite distinct scenarios which might be called […]

  • Embedded software articles – from incrementing in C/C++ to using dynamic memory

    In a recent post I mentioned that I have written a lot of articles over the years. I sometimes wonder how many, but it is certainly in the hundreds. Although historically they were in print, nowadays, most of my work appears online. A particular favorite outlet is a popular venue for embedded developers: embedded.com I […]

  • Pulling the cork

    I like wine. There is at least one person in my life who might think I like it a bit too much, but I think that I will put that thought to one side. At the weekend, I can think of no better accompaniment to many meals than a splosh of something red in a […]

  • Default parameters, C++ determinism and other C++ questions

    As I mentioned on a previous occasion, I always welcome questions whenever I make a presentation, do a web seminar, write an article or blog post or whatever. Even very simple queries give me ideas for topics to discuss. I always take the view that, if one engineer poses a question, there are probably a […]

  • How about a “Penny Lick”? Ice-cream the Victorian way

    I like food. I am not a great enthusiast for restaurants, in general, but I do like to eat. I enjoy cooking and, at the time of writing, I am planning for a supper with friends on Friday evening – I think a French theme is in order. I watch very little TV and I […]


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