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  • Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Miracast and Bluetooth: wireless networking on the move – without a router

    Quite a while ago, I made the observation that wireless connection technologies were everywhere. Nothing has changed, of course. In fact there are even more wireless devices around and, with the advent of the Internet of Things, numbers will continue to increase drastically. The term “wireless”, to some extent, means different things to different people, […]

  • Are you good enough?

    Even though the UK is very much a secular country, we seem to go all out to celebrate Easter. Maybe it is because Passover is at a similar time; maybe it is because we actually like to mark the fact that Spring has sprung; or perhaps we just like chocolate. In any case, I am […]

  • USB 3.1 – more speed, more power and new connectors

    I recently presented a session at EE Live! on USB 3.0, which proved quite popular. There were a number of questions and discussion about what is wrong with USB [mainly the connectors] and where it is going in the future. Of course, the question of USB 3.1 came up … My class included very little […]

  • California drought: how water is wasted in huge volumes

    When I first visited California, in March 1986, I was looking forward to the sunshine. I was there for 4 weeks and, for the first 7 days, that was what I got. For the remainder on my time, it either rained or drizzled. As a Brit, I am somewhat obsessed with weather, which I partially […]

  • How was EE Live! for you?

    As I mentioned last week, I have just been to EE Live! in San Jose, California. Having arrived home a little while ago – 22 hours door to door, with baggage taking a little longer – I am pondering my impressions of this year’s event … Starting off with the positives. What I saw of […]

  • Teaching kids to program – why would we want to do that?

    A few weeks ago, I wrote about my involvement in a program to connect schools with industry, with a particular focus on technology. Part of this activity supports a UK government initiative [there are two words that I rarely seem to use next to one another] to teach every child to program computers. In the […]

  • See you at EE live!

    It is that time of year again! For many folks in the embedded software business, the arrival of Spring means that it must be time for the Embedded Systems Conference [ESC]. Over the years it has spawned a number of variants across the US [Chicago and Boston at least] and abroad [Brazil, India and UK […]

  • Alien technology?

    In broad terms, there are two kinds of people in the world: there are those who can accept technology or phenomena without questioning it or having to understand how it operates; and there are those who are afflicted with the Need to Know. I am a sufferer of this affliction. There are many things that […]

  • A date at DATE [the software perspective on virtual prototyping]

    This week I am crossing to the Dark Side. I am a software engineer, but I work for an EDA company, which, although committed to supporting embedded software development, is dominated by hardware design knowledge and culture. There is always a kind of tension between hardware and software designers and I feel it is likely […]

  • Is it normal to be normal?

    When I was [much] younger – maybe until my early 20s – I thought that there was something very wrong with the world. It was something that I thought that I might have been able to fix, if I were to be persuasive and influential enough. As it turned out, I never did fix the […]


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