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  • EtherCAT – networking for real-time industrial embedded systems

    For many years, I would regularly be asked about networking options for embedded systems. Commonly, the query was about real time systems and how they might be connected straightforwardly. Most often, the question was “Can I use Ethernet?” This was an obvious enquiry, as Ethernet is a very well established standard. Also the hardware is […]

  • Top 10 embedded.com articles

    Some exciting news today! Every year, embedded.com publish their Top 10 list of embedded articles. This year I had two entries [#2 and #7], which is a very pleasing start to 2017. It is very interesting that my two articles are both from the RTOS Revealed series, which will be continuing this year, with the next […]

  • Embedded software video blog about memory architecture

    My latest video blog is now available. I am talking about memory architectures in embedded systems. Not strictly a software issue, but a topic that has a significant impact on embedded software development. You can see the video here or here: Future video blogs will continue to look at topics of interest to embedded software […]

  • Mr. Tsunami and life-saving cricket

    We decided that we would like to get away for the Christmas and New Year holiday. We had two objectives: find somewhere where Christmas was, if not ignored, a lot lower profile than it is the in UK; get some sunshine. After some deliberation, we chose Sri Lanka [big island, south east of India – […]

  • Task identifiers in embedded operating systems

    As I have been working on the RTOS Revealed series of articles in recent weeks, I have been thinking about the operation and functionality of operating systems. It is a very broad subject – hence the plans for a long series of articles – but I thought that some specific areas might be usefully discussed […]

  • The last supper – an act of kindness

    As this is my last “off-topic” posting of 2016 [there will be a techie one next week], I wanted to end the year on a high – of sorts. As I get older, I am increasingly affected – moved, really – by acts of kindness. I am most emotional when the kindness is directed to […]

  • Embedded software article: RTOS Revealed #3

    My latest article on embedded.com has been published. This piece is the third installment of the RTOS Revealed series, which will continue to appear through 2017 and beyond. The series will cover every aspect of real time operating systems. Tasks and scheduling In this article, I take a look at tasks, threads and processes and […]

  • Wedding options

    I am generally of the opinion that marriage is a Good Thing, as it is a clear step towards the construction of a strong family unit, which is good for society as a whole. My view is shared by most mainline religions and is espoused by most governments, some of which provide fiscal incentives. [In […]

  • Embedded software video blogs about low power and C++

    I have published two new video blogs recently. One looks at power issues and start up time in embedded systems. The other considers operator overloading in C++ … The first video looks at how power consumption and start up time are related and how these factors affect user satisfaction. You can view it here or […]

  • Giving thanks

    I have always found the American Thanksgiving holiday rather annoying. I can never remember when it is and nobody gives me any warning. Then, all of a sudden, the world stops for about a week. Having said that, I am totally in favor of having a holiday in the middle of Fall [we have nothing […]


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