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  • ITTIA Empowers the Development of Intelligent IoT Devices together with Renesas Electronics America by Delivering ITTIA DB SQL Database Software on Power-Efficient RZ/A Microprocessor Series

    Technology collaboration between ITTIA and Renesas Electronics America enables intelligent data processing capabilities, streamline prototyping, development, and integration processes for edge devices.

  • ITTIA Announces Embedded Database Integrated with IAR Embedded Workbench

    ITTIA DB SQL is a compact, self-managing database software library for IAR Embedded Workbench, which supports a vast collection of microcontrollers, microprocessors, and real-time kernels. This combination offers embedded developers the opportunity to leverage enterprise data management features through a mature compiler and a debugging tools.

  • ITTIA DB SQL Supports Micrium uC/OS-II and III; Meets Mission-Critical Data Management Needs

    ITTIA DB SQL and Micrium’s RTOS kernels enable software to efficiently run SQL queries while continuously cataloging critical data records. ITTIA DB SQL development kits for uC/OS-II, uC/OS-III, and the uC/FS file system are available for immediate download.

  • ITTIA Sync Adapter Connects Android to Big Data

    Due to an unprecedented influx of sensitive data that is managed and collected on mobile devices, ITTIA is offering a state-of-the-art bidirectional synchronization solution for Android apps that enables big data collection on-the-go. ITTIA DB SQL communicates with ITTIA DB Sync, and uses a back-end RDBMS to store device data in existing tables and download updates specific to each device.

  • ITTIA DB SQL Now Available for QNX Neutrino RTOS 6.6

    As many QNX(r) developers rely on database software to store and retrieve sensitive information, ITTIA DB SQL supports QNX(R) Neutrino(R) RTOS 6.6, to improve both performance and usability. ITTIA DB SQL allows database file sharing between QNX processes, and efficient table synchronization between QNX devices and back-end RDBMS products, while increasing the efficiency and safety of data storage.

  • ITTIA DB SQL Receives "Editor’s Choice Award" From Embedded Computing Design

    ITTIA DB SQL is selected as an "Editor’s Choice Award" by the respected Embedded Computing Design magazine. ITTIA DB SQL continues "targeting embedded systems, mobile devices, and other Internet of Things (IoT) appliances that require non-stop access to data", allowing manufacturers to benefit from relational model and SQL to build fast, scalable, reliable and highly available applications.

  • Comparison of ITTIA DB SQL and SQLite in 2014

    As many embedded systems rely on database software to store information, manufacturers recognize the consequences of data becoming unavailable. Compared to SQLite, the benchmarking results and key components of ITTIA DB SQL show a net advantage in important features such as performance, concurrency, replication, high availability, synchronization, along with a true In-Memory and On-Disk storage.

  • ITTIA DB SQL Advances In-Memory Data Management for Embedded Systems

    ITTIA DB SQL offers new high-performance capabilities to retrieve data from very large in-memory storage. This helps critical decision-makers to access sensitive information in real time.

  • ITTIA DB SQL Helps Android Developers to Manage, Discover and Distribute Embedded Data

    ITTIA DB SQL now provides Android applications new capabilities to discover nearby data from other devices such as mobile tablets, notebooks, and embedded systems. With a footprint suitable for embedded systems, interoperability is greatly simplified, and new data is automatically and efficiently transferred upon discovery, so that Android applications can monitor and control nearby systems.

  • AllJoyn and ITTIA DB SQL Embedded Database Ideal for the Internet of Everything

    ITTIA DB SQL supports AllJoyn communications, which enables applications for embedded systems and mobile platforms to distribute data, and provides them with robust concurrent storage and replication capabilities. With this technology, applications can store data in a reliable local database file that is automatically sent to nearby devices when they connect to the same wired or wireless network.


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