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  • Atmel Corporation  (2)
    • ATA5282
      A LF ASK 125-KHz, ultra low power receiver IC (+)


      • Three input channels for 3-dimensional antennas
      • Digital 8-bit RSSI output for improved location preciseness
      • Designed for Passive Entry Go (PEG) systems in automotive and access control applications
    • AES-128
      The Atmel ATA5790N includes LF immobilizer functionality and a 3D LF receiver in a single 5mm x 7mm package. When combined with the companion device ATA5830 RF transmitter, the Atmel ATA5790N is ideal for high-volume uni- and bi-directional car key fobs for passive entry and passive start systems. The AVR microcontroller provides 16k Flash and 2k EEPROM. Within the 16k Flash, 14kB is available for the application software, while 2kB is available for the immobilizer functionality. The core is surrounded by specific hardware accelerators which allows for an implementation of any immobilizer protocol in the software without the typical current consumption impact. The Atmel ATA5790N offers the lowest current consumption in the industry, with a listening mode of less than 4.5 microampere. Lower current consumption can extend the battery life significantly for car key fobs. The 3D LF RSSI measurement with maximum sensitivity allows for a quick and accurate key fob localization. (+)


      • LF immobilizer functionality and a 3D LF receiver
      • 5mm x 7mm package
      • 6k Flash and 2k EEPROM
03/24/23 03:31

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