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  • security
     → March 2011

    Protecting your Linux server from root password-guessing attacks

    Don R. Crawley (
    Protecting the Linux server from security breaches is an ever-increasing issue, and an examination of using cryptographic keys for the SSH root login provides insight on the issue.

    Operating systems
     → FEBRUARY 2011
    Menu expands at the OS diner

    Menu expands at the OS diner

    Maciej Halasz (Timesys Corporation)
    A new operating system, MeeGo, is described and compared against the Android, Linux, and iPhone OS.

     → August 2009
    Overcoming the challenges of embedded Linux product development

    Overcoming the challenges of embedded Linux product development

    Maciej Halasz (Timesys )
    Expert Linux support and tools can help reduce development time, risk, and cost.

     → April 2008

    Embedded Linux file system management: Tooling for success

    Troy Kitch (MontaVista)
    The litmus test for truly valuable tools is whether or not they assist developers to enable the right features within a product's short life cycle.

    High availability
     → May 2000

    High-Availability Linux

    Larry Cruz (Motorola Computer Group)
    While CompactPCI provides the fundamental bus architecture for embedded systems platforms for the telecommunications industry, additional hardware and software is required to provide a system that is “highly available” and worthy of being deployed in critical telecommunication infrastructure applica... [read more]


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