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  • Board Support Packages
     → Spring 2014
    Linux the popular BSP choice for PC/104 and SFF users

    Linux the popular BSP choice for PC/104 and SFF users

    As Windows XP nears End Of Life (EOL), many SFF users are turning to Linux as the Board Support Package (BSP) of choice.

    Real-time OS
     → December 2010

    Editor's Choice Speakout: Kontron microETXexpress Starterkit VxWorks

    Kontron has introduced the Kontron microETXexpress Starterkit VxWorks.

     → March/April 2008

    Military systems can benefit by using multicore

    Steve Johnson (Radisys Corporation)
    Today's military systems can benefit by running real-time and non Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOSs). Modern multicore processors enter the picture when marrying OS-9 with Windows or Linux on an asymmetric multiprocessing platform. Meanwhile, multiple environments can be managed by virtual machines... [read more]

     → Spring 2010

    Making real-time, multichannel video processing a reality: There's an easier way

    George Schreck (Beyond Electronics Corporation)
    With the processing requirements being identical for all video streams, it has been shown that it is advantageous to build fully symmetric processing systems.

    Software development
     → November 2009

    Tackling Linux size, modularity, and GPL issues

    Kim Rowe (Rowebots)
    Kim outlines options for developers facing proprietary kernels and OSs that can substantially limit future architectural choices, driving up costs and reducing profits.

     → July 2012

    New products show the benefits of standards for FPGA system interfaces

    Mike Demler, Editorial Director (OpenSystems Media)
    After the recent introduction of several new standards for interfaces between FPGA-based motherboards and add-on daughter cards to the FPGA industry, FPGA add-on product manufacturers have contributed new products that demonstrate the diversity of applications the new standards have enabled.

     → April 2008

    Embedded Linux file system management: Tooling for success

    Troy Kitch (MontaVista)
    The litmus test for truly valuable tools is whether or not they assist developers to enable the right features within a product's short life cycle.


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