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military: safety certification and security safety certification and security do-178c do-254 mils eal common criteria arinc 653 do-178b security-critical safety-critical partition multiple independent levels of security secure qualified safety and security safety security safesec safety compliance safety regulations safety standards safety certifications do254 do 254 do178 do178b security firewall intrusion attacker hacker encryption virus malware theft invade sensitive coercion credentials exploit exploitation trojan horse cyber risk cyber attack safety certification intrusion detection system cyber warfare malicious code secure rtos secure software network security network security software computer security crypto smartphone encryption smart phone encryption fpga encryption security system security systems encryption software encrypted data encryption encryption algorithm hard drive encryption encryption products password encryption e-mail encryption anti-tamper anti-tamper technology anti-tamper methods anti-tamper software avionics certification flight safety faa certifications safety critical software integrated modular avionics do-178b certification do-178c certification do-254 certification nsa common criteria military: safety certification safety certification security

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