Smart Energy

  • It’s not all phones controlling appliances

    A brief spat on Twitter involving David Pogue, Kevin Ashton, Vala Afshar, and me says a lot about what we are saying about the IoT.

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  • Fewer requirements, more IoT data standards

    One big lesson for the IoT from the failed JTRS program, and what the IEEE SA, ISO, ITU, and SAE are doing about it with higher level data interchange standards.

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  • From trusting to hashing to trusting again

    All it takes is a minor breach of trust to undo innovation. In microcontroller designs, we need a bit less trust and a bit more hashing and encryption to preserve the trust.

  • Beyond the basics, four opportunities on the smart grid

    It’s not every day that best brains say we have the technology needed, but there’s still a huge amount of work to be done on a major system. The smart grid presents one of those system opportunities calling for higher level solutions well beyond the basics.

  • Strategist4Hire

    With a shift in media toward self-published, social-driven content, B2B tech firms need a content strategist with the experience and insight to reach audiences and get ideas to stick. That’s where I come in. Here is a sample of recent work Left2MyOwnDevices has done for clients, both ghostwritten and bylined. My interview with Dr. Whitfield [...]

  • The brownout story that didn’t happen

    With a heat wave sweeping the US and a record for peak power demand, there wasn’t much talk about brownouts. Score one for the smart grid.

  • Roaming to reconnect, the signals are out there

    On a recent journey via car all over the West, I was looking at how I and others use our smartphones today. Besides wondering what I did before Google Maps, the experience taught me while technology is important and content is vital, it’s the joy of connecting one person at a time that’s most rewarding.

  • With Google PowerMeter off, People Power announces a better app

    Out of the cloud of Google PowerMeter’s demise comes a new vision for enabling consumers to monitor, control, compare, and compete in social circles with saving power. People Power’s new Android app (iOS coming soon), GreenX PowerStrip, and GreenX Hub came live today.

  • Going green with EVs? Go smart grid first

    It’s been said the killer app for the smart grid is the electric vehicle. How are these tied together? There’s a lot we take for granted that has to change, starting with infrastructure and how we think about electricity and personal transportation, to make the green dream behind EVs come true.

  • Google and a mysterious WSN protocol

    Google’s announcement of an Android-connected LED bulb has more going on behind the scenes, and most of it has very little to do with Android directly and a lot to do with which wireless sensor network is being used. And for some reason, some of the community thought this was the death knell for ZigBee, which isn’t true. But what is the protocol?


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